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Yalp Store APK | F-Droid

This is an app that allows you for downloading APK files directly from Google Play Store. Normally apps download from Play Store redirect your to installation and it is hard to find downloaded APK files. Yalp Store can download APK files directly to your “Download” folder. Also app would be notified about the updated details related to the apps that exist here. Also it makes you find for the other apps even. That is about the main description of that store. I think you have understood about the features of the above store. Then we will see what are the specifications of this specialized store. You would be able to see them are as follows. 

Features of the Yalp store 

  • Could be able to download files as Apks 
  • It would be able to download your Apks for the folder of downloads. That means the custom download folder. 
  • The various browsing types are there 
  • View and leave reviews 
  • You can make black and whitelisting apps that are updated 
  • App Filtering. There may be some categories of them. Those are free or paid. Or if those are containing ads or not. 

What you can do with Yalp Store APK

  • Uninstall any app on your phone
  • Ignore updates if you wish to stay away from bugs created form newer versions
  • Get local APK
  • Convert installed app in to a System App.

Those are the main features of the above store. Other than them there are supplement features of them. Would you like to know them? Shall we see it? 

Other exceptional features of the Yalp Store app? 

  • Those are called as manager features. There are packages of them. 
  • Listening 
  • Running 
  • Installing 
  • Uninstalling

You can expect these features from various apps too. Sometimes you won’t be understanding what is the correct need for this kind of app. We will see it through the following. Especially the background apps will be operated through the above apps. Also you can keep your necessary apps in your phone. If you don’t want them you can remove them. 

Also there is a major question that will arise with the above installation process. Sometimes you may be even faced with that crisis. Can we install this app as a system app? Yes, why not. Even from that method this app would get a package installation process. It can make the left off of the unknown sources. 

Also you can allow this app to be installed even. Or even you can get the OTA zip. 

Actually this is not a widely grown store. Until now it has been a very small place. Also it is an independent network except for Google. You can connect to Google services if you want. For that you have to use a building account for the connectivity. If you haven’t any Google account it doesn’t matter for that. But there is something different. 

What is the reason for the use of Google accounts? 

That is needed to work with the paid apps that the device is with. Also for leaving reviews or comments it needs a Google account. 

Also downloading this app without a F-droid is a less secure way. Without a F-droid while downloading you won’t be notified. So we have to do that before you download and install this app use Fdroid for that. 

FAQs of Yalp 

What are the requirements needed for the Yalp? You want a device with android 2.0 or newer version.

Download Yalp Store

In order to download and install this app store you have to install F-Droid. Click here to download and install F-Droid.

Open F-Droid and click on search.

Click search on F-Droid

Type “Yalp” and click on search results like below picture.

Yalp Store F-Droid

Click on “install”

Yalp Store install from F-Droid

That’s all.


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  1. Deepak Melon Avatar
    Deepak Melon

    seems it is easy to use.

  2. Meisom Vims Avatar
    Meisom Vims

    useful app for me

  3. Nishil Smaith Avatar
    Nishil Smaith

    Love this pge and thank you. would like to appreciate your effort, Thank you

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