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Privacy Browser Apk

I think you can understand by its name. It is an app that is related to privacy settings. That is only an assumption made by us. Shall we see is it correct or wrong?

Actually this above browser acts honestly. Because it is protecting one’s privacy. So I think it is a better app to work with somebody. Mainly you can see there are two purposes from the privacy browser app. Actually those are goals that to be expected by the privacy browser app.

Main purposes of the privacy browser app 

  • We can reduce the amount of information that will be sent to the Internet via your device 
  • Also, you can reduce the amount of information that will store on your device 

Now you can identify what type of work is done by the privacy browser. These above are the main things that you can expect from that app. Then we will see what are the uses and the advantages and the features that you can expect. 

Privacy Browser APK

Features of the privacy browser 

  • There are many websites that leak your privacy details. They track you. 
  • But this is not like that. That will protect your private details. 
  • The privacy-sensitive features are disabled by the above privacy browser. That is the default. 
  • You can turn on some of the features while entering a website. 
  • Also, you can turn off that while you leave from that website 
  •  The android built-in web view is used for the privacy browser. 
  • That is with the easy list 
  • The privacy browser consists of blocking 
  • There is Tor Orbit proxy support 
  • The SSL certificate is pinned 
  • You can import the settings 
  • You can import the bookmarks too
  • You can export the settings 
  • Also, you can export the bookmarks too. 

Those are the important features that you have to know. I think these above will help you while selecting an app. 

If you want to feel the ultimate experience you have to download the latest version of it. Also, there are some new features included here too. What is the new feature that is included here? 

 In the latest and updated version, all storage permission has been fixed. 

FAQs of privacy browser 

What is the download size of this app?
That is about 10.06 MB sized 

Can we download it from the Google Play Store?
Yes, we can get it from there. 

Other than the above we will see what are the ideas of the users of the above privacy browser. Many people use this as their default browser. And they say that is really useful. And even they say you haven’t to worry about privacy issues. This is the perfect browser to use for protecting your private details. 

And that is simple to use and it can be easily understood. The context menu is a balancing act. All users are thankful for the creators of this app. Because it is really beneficial. If you haven’t tried it earlier I say you try and see is that perfect.

Download Privacy Browser APK for Android

Privacy Browser APK available on major App Market places like Google Play Store, AC market and F-Droid. Click below link to download via Google Play Store.

If you does not have Play Store you can use either AC market or F-Droid. Reason for not giving direct download to apk files is for security reasons and to make sure you are always download the latest version instead of older one. Below shows how to download this browser using F-Droid. If you does not have this App market click here to install download and install F-Droid APK

1. Open F-Droid and click on Search

Click search on F-Droid

2. Now type “Privacy Browser”

Search Privacy Browser on F-Droid

3. Now you can install button. Click to download and install this awesome browser.

Install Privacy Browser

That’s all. Enjoy free private browser.


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  1. Never though this browser to be this good at protecting my privacy.

  2. Laila Cruce Avatar
    Laila Cruce

    Happy to hear about this smooth running privacy browser. Thank you author for your informative article.

  3. Robeena Shalgil Avatar
    Robeena Shalgil

    I think this is one of the best privacy protecting app which is a must have device in current world of technology.👍👍

  4. Dimithri Rahman Avatar
    Dimithri Rahman

    Can say as a best privacy protector and I would like to appreciate the features of the app. Thnks

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