The FRAG Pro Shooter game is an addictive and engaging mobile gaming application that is simple to use. The French video game developer Oh BiBi designed this game and released it into the app market in 2019. After being released, it gained popularity rapidly and has since risen to the top of the charts on both Android and iOS devices. The game consists of a first person narration gameplay with a twist, in which the game combines the first person narration (FPS) and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) to offer a very unique gaming experience for users.

Gameplay and Features of Frag Pro

The gameplay of the FRAG Pro Shooter is designed in a very unique and engaging manner for users. Players in FRAG Pro Shooter take charge of a team of characters, each with their own special skills and weapons, and engage in 1v1 or 2v2 combat against another team. There are many different personalities and characters in the game, and each one has advantages and disadvantages.

Any character can be chosen by the player, giving a strategic component to the game. It is important to have a squad that is evenly distributed because the characters can vary as tanks, support, snipers, or DPS (Damage per Second) types. Both inexperienced and seasoned players will find the game easy to play and understand thanks to its straightforward and basic control scheme. Players move their characters by pressing and dragging on the screen, while tapping on the characters on the opposing side to aim and fire their weapons. The game also features a cover system that enables players to assault their opponents while hiding behind barriers.

The visuals in the FRAG Pro Shooter gaming are among its best features. The game’s 3D graphics are stunning, with vivid hues and lovely visual effects. Since the landscape is so well-detailed and the characters are all well-designed with distinctive looks and personalities, it’s simple to get lost in the game’s setting. The game also features fluid movements, which enhances the fun of playing and keeps users entertained for long periods of time.

In addition, the FRAG Pro Shooter has a strong social system that enables players to interact and engage in competition with other players all over the globe. Players have the option to join clans, take part in regular tasks and competitions, and move up the world leaderboard. During matches, players can interact with their teammates and opponents using the game’s chat system. The societal aspects of the game add yet another level of complexity, enhancing its overall appeal to users. There are also additional advanced features of the game that can be accessed through in app purchases and payments. Further the application goes through updates on a regular basis to enhance gaming performance and to keep operations running in a hassle free smooth manner for users.


The FRAG Pro Shooter is a wonderful gaming application that is both addictive and fun. You can easily download and install this game from Google play store, AC Market and Happymod app stores. We recommend to download this game via play store. If you are unable to install this game using default app store try using Happymod apk.


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