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Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds

Garena Free fire or Free fire battleground is one of the best and popular free shooting game like PUBG. Many people start to like this game due to slight changes and features present in Free fire than PUBG.

One of the best open world shooting game of half a gigabyte in size. Concept of this game is very simple and easy to play. Only objective is to survive. Multiplayer game with awesome graphics. Each game has one island and up to 50 members. Island is surrounded with vehicles, trees, buildings, weapons and many more interesting things. You have to survive and should left as the last person standing. With time map shrinks which is so hard to hard. Normally each game last about 15 minutes. So no boring long sessions of gaming. You can play this game on your free time and end one game sessions without wasting hours.

Download Garena Free Fire

This game available on Google play store. If you have Google play make sure to use it to download latest version of this game.

Download Free Fire from AC Market

If you does not have Google play store you can still download latest version of Garen Free Fire Game for free. AC Market is one of the safest place to download and install Garena Free Fire Game. If you have AC Market installed on your Android phone just go to search and type “Free Fire”. In the search results you can see Garena Free Fire game. Click on it and install.

Since you are downloading this game from AC market it can still automatically update Garena free fire when there is an update available. Just like Google Play Store. No need to check for update manually. Once install AC market will do that for you. That is a one advantage of using AC market.


3 responses to “Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds”

  1. Suraj Amir Avatar
    Suraj Amir

    I love this game. Provide fun when playing. But has some glitches.

  2. Scott Kadali Avatar
    Scott Kadali

    Ha Ha!!! love to play this game.

  3. Anthany facer Avatar
    Anthany facer

    One of my open world free firing game used to play before COD

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