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Watch scores of 10 sports consisting more than 2000 competitions on your Android phone. Best sports score board app for Android phone. You can follow your favorite sports to get notified. Easily watch all live scores of sports using 365Scores.

Get Live scores, soccer news, game stats, event schedules and more on your phone. Instead of streaming sports on your phone, watch all stats to save data and time. Support all most all Android devices.

Importance of Sports

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it” said by John Wooden, indeed speaks volumes. Why is it that we love sports so much? Is it just because it has been a tradition since the early millennia, or does it involve many benefits we’re unaware of?

Of course, sports do offer numerous benefits. Sports bring out the team spirit and sportsmanship in people. It teaches you to coordinate with different people from different cultures and communities.

Sports also helps one accept victory and defeat in the same scale and makes you humble and grounded. Need not say that it is also an extremely positive and productive way of spending one’s leisure time.

Sports help you escape from the terrors of the real world even if it’s for a few hours. Many sports have evolved since ancient times and is now played and watched in grand scale around the globe.

So, if you’re a sports enthusiast, I have great news for you. 365Scores on the android app store allows all android users and sport lovers to live their favorite games and enjoy the full sports experience for absolutely free! The app has 24/7 coverage of 10 sports and over 2000 competitors.

Watch Sports live scores

The app 365Scores is dedicated to providing live scores, sport news, in-game statistics, event schedules and many more to keep all its users updated and informed about the sports world.

You can have your own personalized channel of your preference and enjoy the full coverage of your favorite games. 365Scores makes a home for all your favorite teams, so no matter which team you’re on, the app brings you everything you want to and need to know.

You can choose the teams and leagues you are interested in and follow them to keep track instantly. All of the sports world gossip and the latest, hottest news will be brought to you in a flash!

The live game notifications offered by the app are guaranteed to be faster than any of your streams! With these notifications, you will be informed on all happenings within split seconds so go ahead and brag about all you know! You can also follow the live game tracker to experience the live game yourself from anywhere and at any time of your choice!

Ever dreamed of having a multi-sport calendar with all your favourite games? Don’t worry, 365Scores is here to make your dream come true. It offers an ‘all scores tab’ that allows its users to maintain the most updated and informed multi-sport calendar they can ever have!

No matter what your favorite sport or team is, 365Scores will guarantee to accommodate all of that and bring out the best possible experience for all its users. You most definitely don’t want to miss this amazing app.

Download 365Scores for Android

This is a free application available for all Android phones. You can easily download and install this application on your Android phone using AC Market. AC Market is the largest Android app store with moded apps and games. Click here to download.


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