Crescent Cash APK

Crescent Cash APK

This is an app that you could find in the Google Play Store. The above app has a specific function as its own. Do you know that function? Then we will see what is that. 

How to use crescent Cash

You can use this app for the transferring of the coins. To where you can transfer them? You can send your coins to the cash account. Or else there is another option. You can transfer them to the bitcoin cash address. What are the contents of transferred items? Those are the crescent Cash. As I said above that is the main function via the above app. 

Now you know the function of the above app. There are special features of that app too. Then we will see them. Also that game is easy to download as well as easy to install. The crescent cash app is known as the free finance game category. Before you have to download, check whether it is from a trusted source. 

Features of the crescent cash apk 

  • It is a simple app. You can easily operate that app. 
  • Also, it is secured
  • Also it has secured a pouch of bitcoin also trustless. 
  • The crescent money even is the unguarded pouch 

Also the user has to use your user name for the transformation of bitcoin. 

FAQs of crescent cash apk 

How can you download the above app? 
You can download it by the Google Play Store. 

What is the size of the above app? 
That is 8.25 mb sized app 

Who offered the above app?
The crescent apps will offer this app

What are the requirements of the downloading app?
It  can be downloaded for the android 6.0+ and the upwards. 

Can I get this app for free?
Yes, you can download this app for free.

Download and install Crescent Cash APK for free

In order to keep this app up to date and make sure you may receive future updates, we are using F-Droid app store to download and install this cash app.

1. First download and install F-Droid App Store.

2. Open F-Droid Search

F-Droid Search

3. Enter “Crescent” on search area and click on first result.

Crescent cash search on F-Droid

4. Click “Install” to install this app on your Android phone.


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  1. R. Chacon Avatar
    R. Chacon

    I attracted to it more than any other parallel app

  2. Pal Cooper Avatar
    Pal Cooper

    Fast app and easy. Nice wallet

  3. Alene Withers Avatar
    Alene Withers

    The app is fantastic, easy to use and it has a attractive interface. and also thank you author for your informative article

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