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Race Master 3D – Android Racing Game

One of the most interesting and fun Android car racing game that work smoothly on many Android devices. Race Master 3D is not just another Android car racing game. It has levels, bosses and many obstacles to pass. Enjoy car racing on your Android phone by completing unique levels.

Android Games for better life

Video games have turned into one of the most fun and exciting platforms in the modern digital world. It not only helps one spend their leisure time, but also provides the benefit of expertising many life skills and soft skills. Decision making, eye and hand coordination, focus and concentration, quick and creative solutions, are some of them.

Studies have also shown that students who engage in video games have shown better performance in school and has ended up with many more abilities and long hours of focus than the students who do not. With the growing need for video games, SayGames Ltd has proudly introduced the all new Race Master 3D for all android users for just absolutely free on the android store.

Mind you, this is not just your regular racing game, but also ensures super excitement and an absolutely fun-filled experience. So, buckle yourselves up for the most ridiculously entertaining and excitement-packed roller coaster ride with Race Master 3D!

Race Master 3D

The game will sure keep you up on your toes because you never know what’s around the corner! Make your way through endless obstacles and compete with many other equally enthusiastic drivers and engage yourself in some psychedelic races that will sure keep your adrenaline running high.

Race Master 3D is not just an ordinary racing game, but is also full of drama, excitement, and competitiveness. It comprises of 33 levels which are all different from one another. Mind you, there’ll always be super evil bosses that will trick you and make the game even more exciting and thrilling.

The game will also include 7 different locations from across the globe with completely different tracks and richly innovative 3D graphics which is decorated and detailed in such way that makes the game feel entirely real! You can also customize your garage with 7 classic sports cars and flaunt your collection to the world.

You might be anywhere around the world, or even caught up in some real boring place, but with Race Master 3D by your side, you can always await a thrilling experience on the go, at anytime and from anywhere around the world!

Race your way through thrilling tracks and evil rivals and become the champion you always wanted. The screeching of tires and the rich sound of colliding metal will make you feel like you’re a part of the real race in real world.

Download Race Master 3D APK

Get ready to experience and action-packed thrilling ride that will keep your hair up and adrenaline high. So, pump yourselves for the ride of your life. Feel the need for speed? Race Master 3D is a single tap away to live up to your racing fantasies and bring the world of racing to your life for a super exciting experience.

This Android game available on all most all popular Android app stores like Play Store, Aptoide and AC Market. Below shows how to install this game for free using AC Market.

  1. First download and install AC Market.
  2. Open AC Market application and go to search.
  3. Type “race master”. you will see this game appear on search results.
  4. Select it and click on “free download”.
  5. Wait till video ad done playing.
  6. Your download will start once you close video ad.
  7. You will automatically redirect to install once download complete.
  8. Enjoy.


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  1. Silvia Brown Avatar
    Silvia Brown

    Just relaxing with avoiding obstacle and keeping the car on track. Best to destroy time.

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