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Guns of Boom – Multiplayer FPS Game

Multiplayer FPS game for Android. Play this PvP Android game full of excitement and joy. Guns of Boom is a free Android action game available for all Android phones. Awesome 3D graphics that work smoothly on all Android devices.

Evolution of Games

From centuries ago, humans got themselves involved in games. There was no age limit but from very tender years until late years people continued to play games. One contributory factor for games to be popular is because of the fact that it will bring in relaxation.

In the past games were played outdoors which needed more than one individual.  For example, Tennis and Badminton required minimum of two players. Games such as Football, Cricket, Hockey needed the involvement of teams to make the game interesting.

With advancement of years came about the innovation of indoor games to be played on board. Ludo, Chess  can be given as examples of such Board games that were and continue to be popular. However, with the advancement of innovation and technology games played outdoors and indoor games were incorporated to electronic devices in apps.

It is no secret that some games are straight forward and needs less strategy than some others. Chess is a good example of a player having to think strategically to be a winner. Some preferred games involving strategy and planning whilst some others preferred less strategic and simple straightforward games.

So, many games with these two options came about for customers to choose. To give customers a balanced game would like to introduce the exiting game ‘Guns of Boom’ app which can be downloaded you’re your android smartphone.

Guns of Boom Android Game

Guns of boom gives its players much excitement as the player can plan a strategy to over run the enemy. This is sure to boost the adrenaline levels of the player. One instance, when starting to play the game initially can begin from bottom and then with gaining familiarity and experience climb up the ranks.

So, Guns of boom has in it to keep the players looking forward to giving the players continuous excitement rather than experiencing the same memento all the time.

Guns of boom has some amazing visuals that would make the players not take their eyes away from the screen. Not to worry all these features will not take a slice off the hardware but will remain moderate.

In Guns of boom the players can create their own hero like in the movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger been the hero destroying the enemy.

Guns of boom has in it to allow you to custom build any character as per your imagination so as to give you total satisfaction and pleasure to get your characters to perform the way you wish to.

Same way the app also allows its players to create the terrain one wants to. The app supports this with its built in maps. Winning over enemies have brought much satisfaction to many and Guns of boom will offer just that bringing in excitement and relaxation you need

Download Guns of Boom APK

This is a free Android PvP ( Player Vs Player) game like PUBG. You can play this awesome interesting game with others for free. Follow below mention procedure to download this game for any Android phone without any issue.

  1. Download and install AC Market.
  2. Go to search bar and type “guns of boom”.
  3. You will see this game appear on search results. Select it.
  4. Click “Free Download” button to begin download.
  5. Install this game once download completed.
  6. Enjoy


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  1. Graphics are good. Gameplay is average.

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