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Android Private Web Browser. A fast and a Secure web browser that is private and confidential. That is Brave Private Browser. The newest and the best web browser you can have in your Android.

We are surfing the internet daily for some kind of purposes. But unknowingly or knowingly we are paying a considerable amount as data by allowing access to numerous ads and pop-ups. There are plenty of data grasping ads and trackers inside the internet network. Hence, there should be a trusted way to browse the internet to be free from the above issues. This app Brave Private Browser is one of the most trusted apps which is helping you to fulfill your goals safely and cost-effectively too. The app is providing a safer connection by blocking the data trackers, adware and also from the pop-ups.

Brave browser is completely free like Chrome browser. Tons of benefits for free. Better to try the app as you do not want to pay for it. Very easy to have a try. If not satisfied with the app can easily be away from it.

Features of Brave Private Browser

Below listed some of the best features of this browser. Since this private browser apk is free you can install directly from play store and find its features easily.

Private Browsing

The app secures you with the private browsing feature. This hides your browsing history. No one will able to know what you did while being online. All the things you are browsing kept a secrete to others by this app. As well the Brave will hide your location too from the sites you are stay at. A hidden pathway is created between you and your site by encrypting all your private data. There are private tabs to browse privately.

Fast Surfing

The app brave is definitely guaranteed a fast connection with the sites you are looking for. Normally the Brave is three times faster than your default web browser Chrome. It surely increases your performance speed of the Android. The app is also consuming a less power. There by it ensures the long-lasting prevalence of the batter too. The time taken to load a page is extremely short in here. By owning the app, you can know about this feature by you yourself.

Ad blocking

This is also another cool feature of the app. The free adblocker here aids to free from the ads that pop-ups frequently. As well it protects us from the harmful ads which may sometimes tracks your data and sometimes these ads may contain some viruses that affect your Android. So, this feature helps you to confirm a secure online connection.

Moreover, this blocks some cookies from the websites too. Plus block the scripts too.

The app Brave Private Browser is with so many features that definitely helps you to surf the internet safely, freely and privately. It is worth to try this newest web browser in your Android too.

Download Private Browser APK

This private brave browser is freely available to download on Android play store. If your Android device support play store services you can download it directly. Use below link to download this app via play store.

Download via Play Store

Some Android devices does not have play store services and does not support this new browser. For those devices can use third party app stores to install and get future updates like play store. Best app store to download this browser app is AC Market. First download and install latest version of AC Market.

Open recently installed AC Market app and click on search.

AC market Search

Now type “brave browser” and click on search icon on your keyboard. Select brave browser from search results.

Now click on download button to begin installation.

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