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Going Balls – Rolling ball challenge game

With tons of gaming apps out there in the market fun and entertainment is just a tap way. There are various types of games you can choose for your Android mobile according to your desire. If you want a fun filled and adventurous journey through wild then here is the game for you. Going Balls. One of the best entertaining and vibrant game that sure prickle your funny bones.

What is Going Balls?

Going Balls simply is an addictive rolling ball platform where players are allowed to run behind a ball through wild and a weird world. If you are ready to have fun and thrill together this is a place for you. The gameplay is full of adventures, skills, strategy and entertainment. All you have to do is to guide your rolling ball though challenges and obstacles on its way.

Features of Going Balls

Lively Characters

Going Balls introduces different types charming and amusing characters. Each of these characters are with its own unique traits. Some of the characters you will meet here are cheerful rubber ducks and speedy race cars. These characters surely add a touch of personality to your bouncing adventure.

Thousands of different levels

The gameplay is equipped with about more than 1000 levels. Each level with its unique challenges and fun. The unpredictable challenges and obstacles will keep you fresh and engaging throughout the gameplay.

Power-Ups and Boosts

One of the cool features of the app is its power ups and boosts. When you are proceeding through the gameplay you will get a chance to speed up and boost your ball’s performances. These makes you more successful when winning over challenges and obstacles.

Customization Options

The Going Balls leave room for you to customize your cute ball the way you want by making its truly yours.  You can change the ball color or you can add some funny accessories and many more other changes. This surely will make you more remarkable in the wild.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode is one of the features the users love. You can play this wonderful game with your friends and the other players all over the globe. these real-time competitions will let you showcase your skills to the whole world. so, try this cool feature.

Going Balls is not just a rolling game. It indeed filled with lots of challenges and obstacles to overcome together with laughter. The gameplay is very easy and no matter who you are or what your age is still you can play this wonderful game Going Balls. Have a delightful experience with Going Balls now. Download on your android mobile and start a joyful journey through the wild with playful characters and balls.

Install Going Ball Apk

There few options to install this game on your Android phone. You can try using default app store of your Android which is play store. below shows step by step on installing this game via play store.

Install Going Ball Apk
  1. Open “Play Store” application from app list.
  2. Go to search and type “going ball”.
  3. You will see this app on search results while typing. Select it.
  4. Select “Install” to begin installation.
  5. Grant required permissions while installing.
  6. Enjoy.

For devices without play store can use third-party play store alternatives like AC Market or Happymod. Select your app store and continue.


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