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Zombie Castaways – Zombie Farm Living Game for Android

The huge world of mobile gaming, games related to zombies are abundant. But most of these gameplays are designed such that Zombie are your enemies. Want to be friendly with cute Zombies? Then you are at the right place. Zombie Castaways. One of the fun, exciting and colorful game to play on your Android whenever you are free.

What is Zombie Castaways?

Zombie Castaways is not your ordinary Zombie game to play. It indeed offers a friendly but adventurous experience to you gaming life. In here you are invited to explore and develop your farm island with the help of lovely Zombies there. If you have Zombie Castaways on your Android, I am sure that you will nor get bored anymore. Whenever you need a mood change try this wonderful gameplay.

Features of Zombie Castaways

1. Wonderful and heartwarming storyline

The storyline of the gameplay is full of love. This totally depend on the love of a Zombie. The Zombie is going to find his true love by overcoming bunch of challenges and obstacles. Help the zombie to win his love by playing this amazing gameplay. Will zombie become a human for his true love? Try and know.

2. Explore the amazing zombie world

In here you have to travel through different zombie islands. There you will have to meet diverse challenges, obstacles and also rewards and treasures. You definitely will come across with puzzles, hidden treasures, hidden locations, and so many others to resolve. You also will meet various types of characters with unique traits. Get help from them in finding your lover.

3. Create your own world

Here in Zombie Castaways, you can create your own world by yourselves. Farm the island, construct your zombie home and other needed places by managing your resources tactfully. This ability of creating will add some personalization to the gameplay. You can create your zombie world depicting all your imaginations.

4. Hundreds of mini-games to play

In addition to the main gameplay there are some other mini games embraces in the app. Play these simple and easy minigames and make the gameplay much more enjoyable and exciting. These offers some rewards and bonuses too.

If you want to bring some calmness and refreshment then Zombie Castaways is the best gameplay to have with you, on all your Android devices. This gameplay is a combination of cute looking zombies and adventure. If you are going to play this, I am certain that you will get addicted to this cool gameplay. So, download Zombie Castaways now and immerse in fun and adventurous moments. You surely will love this wonderful gameplay a lot.

Install Zombie Castaways Apk

First try to install this game using default app store. Below shows step by step guide on installing this game via Google play store.

  1. Open “play store” application of your Android.
  2. Next go to search and type “zombie castaways”.
  3. You will see this game appear on search results while typing. Select it.
  4. Now select “Install” to begin installation.

For devices without play store can use third-party Android app stores like AC Market or Happymod to install Zombie Castaways apk.


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  1. Swaibu Sentongo Avatar
    Swaibu Sentongo

    What a nice game. Love it

  2. Vickson Korlewala Avatar
    Vickson Korlewala

    Farming with zombies. ha ha

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