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Ball jump Song Game Android – Tiles Hop

This is for the ones who loves music and challenging game. Tiles Hop EDM Rush. One of the most challenging and an addictive game to play in your leisure time. Take this wonderful mobile game wherever you go and give it a try whenever you want a relaxation.

What is Tiles Hop: EDM Rush?

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush is one of the best games that combines music and ball jumping in an interactive way. Here all you have to do is to control a jumping and hipping ball along a path made of colorful tiles. What is more interesting here is the tiles’ appearance and disappearance with the music beat. You have to be harmonious and rhythmic with the music beat if you want to keep the balls hopping on the tiles.

Features of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush

Wide array of music tracks to select

The app loaded with a wide array of music library of different genres for you to choose. Ranging from EDM (Electronic Dance Music) to pop hits. As this includes diverse collection of songs the game is surely compatible with a broader audience.

More balls and more characters

The gameplay let you select and upgrade your ball for better performance. Each ball and the characters are with their own unique traits making the gameplay more engaging and refreshed.

Hundreds of different levels

You can play different levels with different difficulty levels when you proceed through the gameplay. Each level is with its unique challenges and obstacles. So, you will never get bored while playing this wonderful gameplay on your Android. Play this on your long train journey or after a long day, surely you will be refreshed.

Easy controls

The control of the hopping and bouncing game is very enjoyable and an easy task thanks to its simplicity. Here you have only to tap and hold the screen to make your ball jump along the tiles path. This is one of the cool features the users love about the app Tiles Hop: EDM Rush. No matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gamer you could easily play this game in your Android now.

Customizable themes

In order to provide more visual appeal, the game allow the players to customize the themes of the gameplay according to their wish. This personalization surely will add some individuality to your gameplay.

With all these features I am pretty sure that Tiles Hop: EDM Rush is going to be your new go-to-go gameplay on your Android mobile. This gameplay indeed is a fantastic blend of music and gaming. Each and every one of you can play this game due to its intuitive and easy controls. Hence, I would like to invite you to download this wonderful and cool app on your Android too.

Install Songs Game challenge dance game on Android

Install Music Game on Android

This is a free Android song game with ball jump. You can easily download and install this game using Google play Store using below steps. For devices without play store can use AC Market or Happymod app stores.

  1. First open “play store” application
  2. Go to search and type “Tiles hop”. You will see tiles hop game on search results.
  3. Select it.
  4. Now select “install” button to begin installation.
  5. Grant required permissions while installing and enjoy.


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  1. Feels like I know how to play piano. So satisfying.

  2. Eric Killian Avatar
    Eric Killian

    5 stars game for sure

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