Plague Inc – Can you infect the world Android Game

Mobile gaming sure is a great way to spend your time whenever you are free or whenever you are bored. There are different genres of mobile gaming. Tons of gaming apps are there on the app markets to satisfy your gaming hunger. You can find any type of game you want now a days. One such game to introduce here is Plague Inc.

What is Plague Inc.?

I think the gameplay Plague Inc. somewhat deviates from other gaming apps. Normally we would like to be a hero by saving the world or creating a beautiful world. But here it is totally different. In here you should act like the mastermind in eliminating the people from the world by spreading deadly diseases. Plague Inc. can be identified as a stimulation game which is highly strategic, but yet terrifying.

Features of Plague Inc.

Select your pathogen

There are around 12 different types of diseases or the pathogens to choose from. Each pathogen is with its unique strengths and traits. But strategic management is the key to be success here in spreading the pathogen. Start your gameplay by selecting your pathogen and control it strategically.

Upgrade your pathogen

When you inject and kill people you will get to earn DNA points. You can use these points to advance the features of the pathogen making it more powerful, lethal and resistance.

Spread the disease all over the globe

Spreading the pathogen all over the world is the core of the gameplay. You must be very tactful and wise in order for this spreading. You will have to think hardly on some points like geographical location, how to transport, climate of the area and so on if you want to be successful.

Response to the resistances

Once you have started your work, the others will not sit and watch. They will take meany measures to prevent the spread of the pathogen you created. So, be more alert and resist to those challenges and obstacles nicely. Surely you will be the winner.

Tutorials to guide you

If you find any difficulty while playing the game, don’t worry. The app includes thousands of comprehensive tutorials to guide you. Follow them and play your game. Injecting, spreading and killing is the core of the game Plague Inc. If you are interested in this gameplay then download it now on your Android mobile too. Indeed, it is a unique gameplay for you to play. But I think you must keep in mind that the real world and this virtual world is different.

Install Plague Inc on Android

Try using default app store of your Android before trying to install apk file. Because using default app store is the easiest and safest way to get latest version. Follow below steps to install this game using play store.

Install plague Inc
  1. First open Google play store application of your Android. Check apps section for app called “play store”. Select it.
  2. Now go to search and type “plague inc”.
  3. You will see this game appear on search results while typing. Select it.
  4. Now select “Install” to begin installation.

For devices without play store can use Android app stores like AC Market or Happymod. Those are the best available Android app stores to download and install apk files. First download and install ACMarket app store and use that app to install plague inc apk file.

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