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Make More! – Idle Manager

Are you interested in running your own business facing all the challenges and risks? Or do you want to be a business tycoon? Then, you are at the right place. Download Make More! – Idle Manager, one of the addictive and an interesting gameplay to have in your Android that let you spend your leisure time in a funny and an interesting way. Be the owner of a virtual business with Make More! – Idle Manager.

What is Make More! – Idle Manager?

Make More! – Idle Manager is an exciting and an entertaining game that allow you to manage a factory business. Start your business just with one employee and a one factory and expand it world-wide. In here this is your mission. Expand your business and earn profits like never before and become a business tycoon. As the name suggests you have to make more if you want to earn more profits. Be a wise and an idle manager of business with Make More! – Idle Manager.

Features of Make More! – Idle Manager

Hire more workers

There are plenty of workers waiting in a queue for you to hire. Hire as much as you want wisely and train them in a way to maximize your profits. Each employee is with its unique skills and abilities. Hence, select them sensibly. Also, you can reward your best workers with some gold medals. If you want you can replace them with robots also.

Upgrade your business

Expanding is the key to success. Expand your factories and your products to earn more. Experiment with your products and select the best one. Upgrade your machineries for better performances and ultimately be a owner of business all over the world.

Achieve and collect rewards

If you want to win rewards then make your big boss happy. If you perform well, you can hire all the workers, can win trophies and also bonus jobs.

Be an idle manager

If you are lazy to visit all your factories, no need to worry now. You can automate all your business chains making it more comfortable to handle your business and stress free.

User-friendly controls

Playing Make More! – Idle Manager is very easy with its intuitive and simple controls. Even a beginner can play this game like a pro due to its simplicity and minimalistic nature.

Make More! – Idle Manager, is a very interesting game for sure. I am pretty sure that you will spend hours and hours playing this game play. Be the ultimate business tycoon in the business world with Make More! – Idle Manager. Enhance your business management skills with this wonderful gaming app by downloading it on your Android. Downloading the app is also a very smooth and a straightforward process. Download and start your business journey now.

Install Make more – idle manager Apk

Here we are using AC Market app store to download this game safely and freely. Installing apk files using a app store like AC Market ensures latest version and future updates.

You can install official version of this game using Google play store. First open play store application and go to search. Next type “make more idle manager”. You will see this game like below picture.

Install Idle Manager Work simulator Android

Select “Install” button to begin installation.


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