Motion Ninja – Video Editor with Animation Maker

Completely free Android Video editor that can create 3D animation, slow motion video, visual effects, movie subtitles and more. Edit your videos now using your Android phone using Motion Ninja apk.

Animated Videos

The development of technology undoubtedly has captured a vast population of this generation and even the old ones. Life without some technology is merely impossible to exist.

Communication has evolved from simple letters that take days and months to reach its destination to texts that reach the recipient in just a matter of seconds. Communication and expressing ones ideas, feelings, have taken a new path.

Animated videos have proven to seek more viewer attention with its short yet mesmerizing video effects. Videos have more spark in communication and also conveys messages in a more abstract method. For all of you who love creating some videos and media for their special ones, occasions, just as a hobby, or even professionally, changpeng has developed the all new ‘Motion Ninja’, a professional video maker and also Animation maker for all android users out there. The app not only will help you create the best videos ever seen but will also provide you with a range of features that will absolutely and undoubtedly blow your mind.

Motion Ninja – free Video Editor App

The app is advanced enough to be used by professionals and is also simple enough to be used by amateurs. All you got to do is download the app onto your smart device and create pro-quality visual effects and animations.

The features on the app are vast so it provides a huge range to choose from.

  • Multi-layer videos for professional anime music videos
  • edits of your favorite stars and pop artists
  • visual effects that will enhance the quality of your videos
  • Super smooth slow motions
  • freeze effects,
  • and many more.

You can also customize any effect such as Glow, Blur, and more. Creating 3D text on your videos has never been this easy. Get rid of your old boring background and add some awesome scintillating backgrounds to all your videos.

Use the green screen and add some mesmerizing backgrounds to your videos and animations. The app comprises of over 50 transitions that will help you create a super creative and novel video just in one click!

Give rise to your creativity and enhance the power of all your videos just by a few clicks with Motion Ninja. There is no requirement to learn any of those complicated computer software’s or effects because Motion Ninja is here to save the day!

Tempo control, video effects and many other features will help you create a video that will indeed stand out from the rest. Share all of your creative videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and many others to get the likes flowing in. all you got to do is discover all of what Motion Ninja has to offer and come up with the best videos ever made. Flaunt your skills to all your friends and beat the best fan edits out there. All it takes is just a few taps!

Download Motion Ninja APK

This is a free Android pro Video editor app that is available for all Android phones and tablets. You can use Android App store like AC Market to install this application for free. First download and install latest version of AC Market App. Then use its search to find this application and install it.

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