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There are so many countries worldwide. Each one is different to one another. Countries located close to each other have similar geographical features, the vegetation and terrain. Further the location of a country makes them different to each other.

Every country has their unique characteristics of culture, race, traditions and so on. Some are more developed than the others. Here our focus is on a country that is vibrant and happening all the time with rich and amazing culture, well developed.

All these characteristics makes Hongkong very popular around the world always filled to its brim with tourists from every corner of the world. Hongkong never ceases to amaze with its man made and natural characteristics.

Food takes a prominent role in Hong Kong and attracts chefs from all over the world. So many restaurants that caters rustic local noodle joints, authentic Chinese and global cuisines, hipster microbreweries, fine dining, and healthy vegan cafés.

With such a spread no wonder Hong Kong is top ranked in its food industry. Apart from the food Hong Kong is famous for its tall skyscrapers amongst some of the tallest in the world, it boasts of the longest covered escalator, the popular Star Ferry still catering to its passengers since 1880, and in sports Hongkong has secured Olympic Gold Medals. To bring in more excitement and ease one’s way through Hongkong an App is available. MEGA BOX App it is. Here’s what it caters;

About MegaBox App

MEGA BOX covers a huge range of the most popular Entertainment, Shopping and Dining complex in East Kowloon covering a breath taking 1.1 million square feet. Most reputed shopping complexes situated in exclusive shopping zones.

MEGA BOX covers the must see, the largest harbor view ice rink, Olympic size ice rink bordering the sea which gives a stunning view.

East Kowloon’s largest Japanese department offering the best of Japanese quality products.

Find the largest home furnishing and accessories shop.

Sports city offers almost every sport in the world;

Horse Racing on one of the best turfs in the world. Hongkong’s races attract the greatest number of gamblers around the world.  

Badminton courts, Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools, Indoor and Outdoor Basketball courts, Cycling on super tracks, Football. So, if you are a sports lover, you will not find such an offer of varying sports concentrated in the exclusive SPORTS CITY.

BABY and Children’s furniture could be found in abundance.

Hongkong’s harbour and airport been serviced by most of the shipping lines and air lines the goods bought could easily be transported to any part of the world.

With the MEGA BOX APP in your personal smart device, will enable all its users to explore Hongkong with ease and not having to miss out on the amazement Hongkong has to offer. No better way to visit this buzzing country and enjoy the best of its excitement. MEGA BOX will be your most efficient guide.

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You can download this application using Google play store. You can use AC Market app store, if you are unable to download this application using play store. Click below download link using your Android phone to open download link.

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