Good and Bad things about AC Market

AC Market is one of the leading app market place for Android. It is not 100% complete at all. In this article I was going to cover some of the major good and bad things about AC Market.

Advantages of using AC Market

As you know many of the Google play store apps have advertisements. Other apps are premium or have to pay. Using AC market you can download those apps without advertisements. You can download premium or pro version of Apps and games for free using this market place. If you are looking for moded Android app or game then this is the ideal place to download. Because if you search google to download mod version of a game most you may ended up downloading wrong application or game. With AC market you will download the correct app or game all the time.

Disadvantages of using AC Market

There are lots of disadvantages compared to other third party app stores. You may find it is so hard to install AC market on Android phones. So many restrictions. Google play protect want to kick this app away from you phone all the time, even though you want to keep this app. You will receive messages like AC market is harmful uninstall now. Another common message is that AC market misuse advertisements please uninstall it. Those messages or warnings were pushed by your Android system to get rid of AC market app.

You may have experience lots of advertisements on this app market place. It is so annoying. There is a video or picture AD every time you open this app store. You may receive constant video ads longer than 20 seconds before app download start. Hate it so much. So hard to close those advertisements. Have to wait till close button appear. Most of those video ads stuck and hard to exist.

It is good to see this app receive constant updates. But some updates cause serious problems too like paused downloads that never want to start.

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