AC Market 4.8.0 Release

AC Market 4.8.0 update notes
– More games
– More Friends

In current update
– To see more friends in AC Market
– Be able to submit your various software download wishses
– Bonus channel has been optimized.
– Many minor bugs have been solved.

Last version look something like below.

ac market 4.7.8 release

Newer version has lots of interface changes with new updates. Bonus section is now more clear and understandable to many AC market users. AC Market mainly categorized as App Cake and Bonus. App cake section you can see Mods, games, apps and books. In bonus section you can earn money, rewards and many more.

You can see “I want” button float around app cake section. In order to use that features you have to login to AC market. You can ask for new apps and suggestions using that button.

Newer version comes with more awesome Android games.

Download AC Market 4.8.0 release

You can download latest version of AC Market for free using this website. Click Download AC Market to download.


9 responses to “AC Market 4.8.0 Release”

  1. It is nice to such constant updates from this app.

  2. Nice work. All the information are nicely layout.

  3. BUT to start downloading you need to go through 4 ad-heavy pages before you get to the final download link which enables you to start downloading the file.

  4. I like this website because so much utile material on here : D.

  5. Upload/download speed is fast, large files are easily accommodated and a strong security system is a
    priority of the site.

  6. bande dave Avatar
    bande dave

    It enables you to download up to 3 files without signing up.

    1. you can download without any limitation even without signup.

  7. Not only is it known for worldwide for its great free service, it is also super easy to use.

  8. another version update

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