Drift max car racing game for Android

Drift Max – Car Racing in 3D for Android

We all like to play games on our mobiles, sometimes to spend the time. There are different types of games that helps us in satisfying different types of cravings. Racing games are also one such mobile gaming genre. If you are a racing lover then this app is for you. Drift Max – Car Racing. One of the most exciting car racing apps you can play to have a realistic fun on the track.

What is Drift Max – Car Racing?

Drift Max – Car Racing is for you. For whom? The racing lovers who love to experience thrilling drifts on different types of tracks. Experience the thrill of realistic and ultimate drifting on a virtual track with Drift Max – Car Racing on your Android mobile now.

Features of Drift Max – Car Racing

1.     Experience the thrill of realistic drifting

Drive your sports car on different virtual tracks and feel like you are on a real car thanks to the realistic physics of drifting. I think this is the one of main features that lead the app to its huge popularity.

2.     Drive in different tracks and through different locations

This feature of Drift Max – Car Racing leads to make the gameplay more refreshing and engaging. You can drift through about 12 different tracks to have more refreshing challenges. Some of the tracks to be find here could be identified as asphalt, winter, dessert, village, tunnel, mountain and so on.  

3.     Choose any car you like from the wide array of cars

Drift Max – Car Racing is loaded with different types of cars for you to select from. There are around 20 types of drifting cars. Some of these cars to choose include furious Sahin, European sports cars, American muscle car, and many more. There is something for everyone to match with the taste.

4.     Customize your car

The app let you customize your car the way you prefer. Make your car the way you want and make your mark on the race track. Choose from 25 different colors and paint your car or modify your car rim and other decals.  

5.     Face the challenges

The Drift Max – Car Racing offers you with different types of drifting challenges to make you gameplay more excited. These indeed helps you in testing your drifting skills. Edge drift where you have to drift close to the walls lead you to earn more points.

6.     Play leaderboards and become the best

You can be the best virtual drifter by competing with your friends and the other players all around the globe. Showcase your drifting skill by climbing higher in the leaderboards.

Install Drift Max apk

Install Drift Max apk

Though you are a casual racing lover or a one that needs climb up in leaderboards Drift Max – Car Racing is for you. Ride your car in a virtual track and showcase your drifting skills to the whole world with Drift Max – Car Racing now. You can use Google plays tore to download and install this game. If you are unable to use play store application try using below method.

First download and install AC Market or Happymod. Those are the best Android app stores to install apk file for free. Next use its search feature to find this game and click install. Simple and easy. No more browsing internet for searching latest version of this game apk file.


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    Zhongcua N

    bit laggy it is okay. thrilling game.

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