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VIMAGE – Best photo animating Android App

VIMAGE can be introduced as an award winning app in the year 2018. VIMAGE is a popular photo editing app that makes you add dynamic effects to your pictures. Well, it is quite common that people take pictures, edit them and upload them. It is the basic way that we call editing a photo. But have you ever known that you can convert a video in to an animated video and make the picture more creative? Yeah! I know you need powerful animation software to do that. Wait for what? No! You don’t need that powerful animation software to edit a picture. Well, you have this, VIMAGE! The popular photo editing app. You can now edit any kind of picture, selfie, or image through this fascinating application using a mobile phone. You don’t need PCs or powerful editing software to do this stuff. So, relax and just install!

VIMAGE facilitates you with more than 70 effects along with unique and creative lighting effects and backgrounds. You are all free to edit a picture using 100 of moving photo effects, filters, and presets, and over layers. You can also edit and convert your pictures to live photos using the powerful tools VIMAGE provides you. Uploading live photos of your day today life style has now become a trend in social media. For example, when you capture your coffee cup, edit it like the aroma of the coffee coming from the coffee cup. The files you save will be stored as GIF files or Video Files, and you will be able to share the file through any social media platform easily.

Another feature is that VIMAGE provides you an inbuilt image editor where you can tune your photos, edit color, adjust saturation, brightness, and contrast, remove shadows and highlight areas, and many more. Well, it seems like this is not only there to create animations. There’s a bunch of stuff to do using this VIMAGE app.

The feature we mainly focus on VIMAGE is the Flow and Stretch animator. Whenever you draw a line according to the direction that the picture should flow, it creates an animation that automatically flows. For example, suppose you need to convert an image with a river or a waterfall into a live photo. In that case, you will see the water flowing in the direction you draw the line when you draw a line. Thus, you can create live wallpapers using this amazing function.

Features of VIMAGE APK

  • Photos can be converted to 3D images.
  • You can add custom sounds to the animation videos and gifs you create. There is an inbuilt sound library where you can use that sounds for your creations.
  • You can add custom texts.
  • There are hundreds of presets, filters, and effects. You can add up to 10 filters for one image (premium feature).
  • You might have already seen the live wallpapers that come to your phone. Using this app, you can make live wallpaper all by yourself.
  • You can purchase the pro version of VIMAGE as a premium subscription. You can also purchase the life time package.

Pro features: no ads, can remove watermarks, can access all the resources, and add up to 10 effects for one picture. There are three ways you can purchase.

  • One Month Plan
  • 12 Month Plan
  • One Time Life Time Purchase

Download for free and experience the amazing features!

Download Photo Animating app for Android

VIMAGE available for free download on play store. Download via play store to get official version without any modifications. Open play store application and search this app name or click below link using your Android phone to download VIMAGE using play store.

Download via Play Store

There are lots of Android devices that does not support play store. Use AC Market on those devices. AC Market support all most all Android devices and allow to install any Android app or game available on AC Market Android app store for free. No registration or login required.


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