Toca Life Hospital

Toca Life: Hospital

What does a hospital really do? Hospital is a place that provides medical and surgical treatments and nursing care for people who are sick and injured. Do you want to experience the excitement of a busy hospital? All you need is a one tap on your smart phone. Tap the install button and install this amazing mobile game, Toca Life Hospital, to experience the busy life of doctors, nurses, matrons, and sisters.

Playing this game will lead you to the fantastic experience of a Hospital, like welcoming newborn babies, treating sick people, saving people who struggle between life and death, and many more. Toca Life: Hospital is a great way to experience the joy and pain of life in your way.

Live the circle of life and see the circle of life through Toca Life: Hospital.

The beginning:

Childbirth is quite scary and very exciting. But welcoming a newborn baby in to the world is really overwhelming happiness filled with a piece of danger. You can share this exciting moment using Toca Life: Hospital welcoming new born babies to Toca Life. You will meet the family members of the baby and the medical staff who helped the baby see the world.

The Ending:

The endings are always sad moments, especially in hospitals. Well, it is nature, and when the time comes, we should say good bye to our loved ones and leave the world unseen. There is a farewell Room in Toca Life: Hospital, which gives the loved once a chance to say good bye with a peaceful mind.

Everything in between beginnings and endings:

Toca Life: Hospital has everything a patient needs. Operation theaters, baby rooms, a secret lab, ambulance, casts, CAT Scanning Machines, X-Ray Rooms, Wards, Labs, Medical Centers, maternity unit, café and a peaceful garden to walk, etc.

Explore units on five floors of the hospital:

There are five floors in the hospital: basement, main entrance, lab and treatment, family care unit, and general care unit. The basement is the place where ambulances come and go. Besides, the basement also leads to the secret lab. The main entrance is the place where the reception desk is. You can have a seat in the waiting area and talk to the receptionist if there is anything to talk about patients or anything urgent. You can even refresh yourself with soft food from the café inside the hospital. The treatment floor, which has treatment labs, is the place that has stored the tools to diagnose patients, labs to check specimens, and an operating room for operating patients. A family care floor is a unit for kids, and there’s also a maternity unit with nursery cribs and new born babies. The final floor, which is the general care floor, is accustomed to a beautiful and peaceful garden and a farewell room to say goodbye to life. The peaceful garden that has been built on the general care floor is merely a place to reflect on the life we live.

Download Toca Life Hospital Game for Android

You can use the in-app recording feature to create videos on the life you lead in Toca Life: Hospital. It records your voice and the movements of the character you play the role of while you are telling the story. Create amazing videos with the lifestyle of a hospital and the experiences you get by involving in certain places at the hospital.

You can download this game via play store for free. Open Play Store application and search this app name or click below link using your Android phone to install via play store.

Download using play store

There are many Android devices that does not support play store. You can install AC Market which is a Android app store that support all most all Android devices. Install this game using AC Market.


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