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PixelLab – Add Text on Pictures

Pixel Lab can be described as an online text editor application demanding on Android, IOS, Windows PC, and MAC. Using this Pixel Lab app, you can now draw, add 3D texts and stickers easily and edit your pictures free of charge too. Many social media lovers and YouTubers upload their photos with descriptions, quotes, and many more written items. This has now become a trend for many people. This is used by many people who do travel blogs, meme creators, story writers, and many more.

Thus Pixel Lab is the perfect match to fulfill such kinds of works. Adding texts with different styles, 3D texts, stickers, shapes, and outlining and cartooning on the top of the pictures can be achieved through this online text editor, Pixel Lab.

The application’s simple and clear interface directs you to do the same thing you are hoping to do using the application. No complications, no complicated options, and menu buttons. Only the things which should be there! Besides, Pixel Lab furnishes you with an expansive selection of presets, backgrounds, fonts, stickers, and over 60 alternatives that are different from each other, where you can freely customize according to your creative imagination and create fascinating graphics and images. This is the most precious thing you’ve got to put out your imagination and creativity. Show off to the world!

Features of PixelLab APK – Best Text on Pictures app

  • Pixel Lab provides you with several kinds of texts where you can put in and customize them and add them to your pictures. The creation of 3D texts and overlaying them on the crest of the image has never been easier before.
  • You can add effects to your texts such as inner shadows and shadows, strokes, backgrounds, reflections, masks, and embosses. Make sure your image looks perfectly perfect when adding texts to it.
  • Set the color for your texts; begin with simple colors, linear gradients, image textures, and as well as radial gradients.
  • You are free to use your fonts. You can also choose first-rate fonts from over 100 fonts that Pixel Lab provides you.
  • You can put in and customize stickers, shapes, and emojis in the way you want.
  • You can import and add your stunning images from the gallery and create emojis, stickers and you can even combine two images to make it look more creative.
  • Draw your style by using your favorite color. You can draw shapes, funny faces and many more. Draw from your favorite color and add some shadow to look better.
  • Magnify the look of your portraits by adding effects to them. There are basic effects such as saturation, hue, vignette, and stripes. You can add an effect according to your preference.
  • Save and share the image you creatively design. You can send it in any format, any resolution to any social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter)
  • “Quick Share Button” can be used for easy access.
  • Pixel Lab facilitates with you a meme preset. You can effortlessly share your content within seconds using those meme presets.

Download PixelLab APK for Android

Pixel Lab Icon bears a white P letter in the blue circular background. The blue circle in a white background. There are over 50 million downloads to this popular application. Pixel Lab is offered by App Holdings and has officially released on the n 10th of April 2015. It has fixed minor bugs and improved its performance with its latest updates.

You can easily download this app using Google play store. Open play store and go to search. Then type this app name. You will be able to see this app on search results. If you are unable to find this app on play store open below link using your Android phone.

Download via play store

There are many devices without play store. You can use other Android app stores like AC Market or Aptoide on those devices. Make sure to install Android applications using a Android app store. It will guarantee future updates and it will install those updates for you.


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