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Last Updated:June 02, 2020

In order to download official SlideMe APK click below download link. There you can find the latest version of this app for free.

SlideME is called the SAM in the short form. SlideME Application Manager is the long term for the SAM. Android devices are the best devices compatible with the above application. From where you could find that SlideME?? That is available in the app store. What would be the use of the above app?? Through that, you can download apps directly. You can download wide varieties available in the slideME too. Here there are no apps of totally free or totally paid. That is a mixture of both of them. 

In here you can allow more space for the previously downloaded apps. That is similar to being a locker. Also after downloading you can re-download the same apps. With simple steps of using. The usage of that app is very simple. You can find more apps everywhere in this app store. The SlideME offers a service called on-device applications. Here there are wide varieties of apps here. That means they are useful for various kinds of people. 

SlideMe Apps

How do I download SlideME?

Also, this is an app store other than the Google Play Store that is having a wide range of qualitative apps in here. I have to tell you that there are over 30,000 apps in here. That is not as developed as the Google Play Store but it is not less than with the quality. 

Another significant feature is the browsing from the desktop. You all think that this is specially designed for android devices. Although I can use the desktop for that purpose. GetJar too support Android app browsing from using your favorite web browser. This is not similar to the other app stores you can trust the app details. Plus you won’t find the apps of following categories out here. They are junk apps, apps without proper permission and other all wrong applications. Therefore you need not worry about the security of the device. 

SlideMe App Download

Is SlideMe secure?

Apart from that, you are worried about the addition of harmful software to your mobile. But it is not a problem with SlideME. Because all the apps are undergoing a scan and are checked prior to the addition of SlideME. As well as that I told you there are paid apps. You are able to use very easy methods of payments that we use commonly. Like PayPal, mobile payments and Amazon payment. That is the safest way for the payment. 

Also, you can do the preservation of the apps too. After you download it, you can install them to multiple devices of your own. For the android devices. As in the above mentioned, you can store the previously downloaded for the later use. That is the storage locker. If you have any doubt you can request the help of the online support team. 

As the users, SlideME identified as a store with fast performance. Those above are some brief descriptions about the special features. You can find more features by the experience.


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  1. I love this app store! It’s one of the best I’ve come across

  2. Very cool app. Safe and easy to use. I like the app very much.

  3. vast variety of app can be downloaded via this

  4. Omar Alaber Avatar
    Omar Alaber

    Love its interface. Looks like others too switching to big tiles.

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