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No need to download latest version of GetJar from their website. GetJar APK offers same layout and content same as web version. If you download and install GetJar Apps apk you will see same website load behind the app. In order to download that app go to below GetJar official website.

You will ask to enter quick download code. Go to below website and click on “Download Info” button to get download code.
Click here to get code:

This can be introduced as an independent app store you can find. That means it has no connection with the others. This is an app store for mobile phones. It was founded in the country called Lithuania. That was in 2004. In the beginning, this was testing by using a beta platform. After 2005 it became the largest app market existing. Also, people called the Getjar app as the beginning of such mobile application distributors.

GetJar APK for Android

GetJar Apps

Do you know what platforms are supported by the Getjar app??? They are the blackberry, Windows, Symbian and the java. Do you know how many apps are in the above app store?? That is slightly over 840,000. Also per one day, Getjar allowed about 3 million app downloads. From here the software developers get a lot of chances too. That means they can upload their works here. That is totally free activity. They can upload those works from the developer portal in the Getjar app. In 2010 that means after six years launching that app, software developers have added about 3 million software. 

It is good that there is a chance for the software developers from here. With the addition of all those features, they downloads per day increased up to one billion. After that in 2011, the total application amount grew up to two billion. Do you know what are the most popular apps in the Getjar store?? Some of them are as follows. 

Popular game and apps

GetJar Games

The angry bird, cut the rope are popular games in here. Other than that you can find more apps like the social app categories. Examples for Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and WeChat. And the other varieties are the downloader like YTD video downloader. Not only the above here there are browsers too. You know that without such browsers we can’t perform our activities. Here in such like the opera browsers, opera for the android devices and one browser. 

Although Getjar paid their attention to the security of the device too. They have introduced applications like NQ mobile security. For the other harmful agents, the AVG antivirus has been introduced. In the above, I have told you the limited amount of apps. But now it has announced they are supporting a wide range of platforms. Some of them are Huawei and Samsung. That is not only limited for mobile phones but also for the tablets and other devices. 

If you used it to tell me are you satisfied with that?? Or else feel that by experiencing.


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    nice app of the ac-market

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