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Shadow Fight 2 APK Free Download

This is a mostly used Facebook smash hit. Currently is the most famous sequel. Due to the unlimited popularity of the shadow fight 2 over 40 million people have joined with the shadow fight 2.

Basically this shadow flight can be known as a mix. That is the RPG and the classical genre. Both of them are specific fighting methods. Here you have a specific character in the game. Using the exclusive features here, the users can use a variety of instruments here. Especially the weapons. Including the fix of bugs there are more significant features of the shadow fight 2 latest versions. This game is about 142MB which make it easier for many your to download via mobile data or home Wifi. It won’t take several gigabytes as other games. So, you may save your phone storage.

Features of the shadow fight

  • More types of Customize features
    There are countless lethal weapons and many armor sets. The amusing swords and the other magical powers are to make your character unique. The users have to use such features.
  • Animation system
    There is an advanced system of animation. It is more unique and that system of animation can’t be compared with any other system of animation.
  • Fighting interface
    The interface can be maintained only by a touch screen. Because that fighting feature was designed specially along the compatibility of the touch screen. And the players are able to attack the enemies with the improved features.
  • Six different worlds
    While playing this game the players will travel though six diverse worlds.
  • In app purchase
    The game is not for free. So the players have to pay about 1$-20$ to play this game.
  • Requirements for the use
    In order to work with the game the players are required with a device of android version of 4.1 and upwards.
  • Popularity
    Due to the exclusive features of the game over 40 million of people have joined the game.
  • Ads contain
    There are some ads contained here in this game. But those are placed by the app developer. And even those ads won’t harm the experience of players.

You may receive new updates and features. Make sure to follow below mention method to download latest version Shadow Fight 2 apk. Below listed some of the changes added with recent updates.

  • The ascension model have disabled
  • Show savings when you buy featuring item packs
  • The guardian effect have buffed
  • Fixed all icons of items
  • The ad issue has fixed
  • The issues of enchantment have fixed
  • The visual bugs have fixed
  • The optimization has fixed
  • More other improvements can be seen

Download Shadow Fight 2 APK

You can download this game directly from Google play store. Downloading and installation is completely free. Click here to download this game via play store. If you are unable to download this game via play store you can use AC Market app store. Where you can download and receive future updates for free. Instead of directly downloading this game, you can use this app store.

First download and install latest version of AC Market. Click here to download AC Market. Open recently installed AC Market and click on search icon.

AC market Search

Now type “Shadow Fight” and click on search icon to list search results. You can shadow fight 3 and 2 special editions on search results. You can try them for free too. Select this game from search results like below picture.

Click on download button to download Shadow Fight apk

Click on “Free Download” button.

AC Market Free Download

Free download include 20 to 30 seconds long video ad. So, you have to wait till that ad is over. You download will automatically after you close that ad.

The shadow fight 2 is the best game that prefers much more for the thrilling game genre. It has many advanced features. Surely those advanced features make the players entertained much more. If you are satisfied with the stated above facts now any user could start playing the game. Surely it would be an amusing experience.


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  1. Jennifer Lauren Avatar
    Jennifer Lauren

    Shadow Fight 2 APK Free Download is just what I need. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Timothy Pilip Avatar
    Timothy Pilip

    I love this game and its idea. But AI or NPC are bad.

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