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Octopus APK – Best Gamepad Keymapper

The games can be played with the gamepad, mouse and the keyboards. And the games can be played by utilizing the controllers. The map peripheral to the touch screen is with the Octopus APK.

The root access and the activator are not required with the Octopus APK. Even the Octopus can be used easily and it is along with professional use. Now the app has upgraded to 5.0. There are new functions introduced with the latest version of the Octopus APK. The app is about 13.16 MB sized which make is easier to download using mobile data or home WiFi.

Features of the Octopus APK

  • Support all apps
    The Octopus APK UI supported for many apps. This gaming engine is supported by many kinds of apps and games. Anytime the users are able to add wherever things that you want to play.
  • Compatibility of peripherals
    There are multiple devices like the mouse and keyboards in the Octopus APK.
  • Different types of game modes
    Mainly there are two types of such modes. One of them is the advanced shooting mode. That is especially for the FPS Games. And the next one is he smart casting mode. That is specifically for the MOBA game.
  • The app can be turned to be customizable
    Among the over 20 components for the gaming experience, everyone can make the app unique for themselves. And those tools will power up the experience of the application.
  • The recorder
    The application is along with a screen recorder. By using that anyone can record the game while playing it.
  • Calibration of the gamepad
    The device can be calibrated by using these specific features.
  • Log in for the Google play
    Need to log with the Google play account. And the Octopus plugin is needed to download the app
  • Fake location
    The app supported for the functions like the fake locations
  • The cleaning of RAM
    The RAM will be cleaned and allows the game to run very smoothly.
  • Swipe
    The Swipe gestures and drawing of the patterns is applicable for this Octopus APK. That can be customised.
  • Multiply
    The hits can be performed multiple times. In these items even the time is customizable.
  • Profile
    There are multiple keymaps for each and every situation in a single game. The profile can be changed as you want. And the profiles are able to create in a way what you want.
  • Mouse shortcut
    This activity is practicable in various situations. It can be used with smart TV or smartphone. Because you don’t need to touch the screen.
  • Premium version
    There are more exclusive features of the Octopus app. Those all can be experienced with the premium version only.
  • Free app
    You can experience all the features included in the app without any payments. But here you have to work with the ads.
  • Contain ads
    This app comes with few ads in order to provide those features for free. However those ads won’t disrupt your gaming experience.

Make sure to download latest version. If you are unable to download this app via Play Store use another app store like AC Market. Because using a App store will ensure you will get latest version and receive future updates. Below listed some of the fixes and improvements added with latest updates to Octopus apk.

  • Introduced the Octopus Pro. The app supported for new functions
  • The gem system has added
  • Bugs have fixed
  • Minor improvements can be seen

The Octopus APK is suitable for use by any game player and as well as that everyone has to try it. Here all facts are described by this description. If you are thinking it is better you could use it without any problem.

Install Optopus APK for Android

Octopus is best when it comes to keymapping. Let’s install Octopus apk from AC Market. First download and install AC Market. Then open AC Market and click on search icon.

AC market Search

Type “octopus” and click on search icon. From the search results select the correct version you want.

Now click on download button.

Now click on “Free Download” button

AC Market Free Download

In order to begin download you have to watch 20 to 30 second long video ad on AC Market 4 versions. Hope this will change in the version 5. Download process will start once you close the ad. Install this app once download complete. Feel free to leave a comment.


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