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Last Day of Earth Game APK

The last day on earth survival is a popular action and entertained game. The game is set in the ominous earth. That is in 2027. Within this time period the total world has to experience the infection. That is unrevealed. Actually that infected disease is hazardous. Because it finished all the people in the human population. But that is not over. All the dead ones turned into the zombies. Among those all of the ones there are some survivors that can resistive with this situation. That is due to their blood. So then those other people are attempting to live with the decay of this earth.

The life of that character is important for you. Because you are the person that has to survive that character. Use your power to rescue your character. Now season 7 is already accessible in the latest version.

Features of the last day on earth survival

  • Build up anything
    The gamers have the ability to make, create or build up any material here in this game. That could be done as the preference of the player.
  • Gather resources
    Here the players can gather many kinds of resources in the game. Those all can be collected for survival.
  • Crafting opportunities
    The players are able to use the opportunity of Crafting. Those can be used for the survival of the players too. Players mean the characters inside the game.
  • Join clans
    The players are able to join the clans. Then after the fight against for the terrorists joining clans
  • Explore essential resources
    If there are more needed resources for the earth’s survival, you can collect them. Because those resources may help with more tasks.
  • Building up a proper shelter
    The proper shelter is required for playing the game along with a better experience.
  • Requirements for the usage
    To play this game the players need a device along with the 4.1 and upwards.
  • Popularity
    Due to the popularity of this game over 5 million people have joined with the last day on earth’s survival.
  • In-app purchases
    The app is not free. You have to pay to play the game. But that is not an expensive amount. Approximately it is about 1$- 76$.
  • No ads
    There are no ads contained in this app. Because this is a paid app.

Explore the large and deep world of the earth on its last day through this game. But here the new rules are assigned to this new world.

This game receive major update to have new features and bug fixes. So this is a type of evolving game. They add new features and change game structure to make sure this game won’t be outdated. Recent update to this game has following improvements:

  • availability of season 7
  • New places have been introduced. It is the jail
  • Bikers have set up the nearby camps. That given to take part in the players in the daring lobby.
  • Stealth
  • assault explosion
  • The preparation of the dependent robbery. And chosen the styles
  • Differentiation of the of healing the character
  • New weapons have introduced
  • New skins have introduced for the backpack and all bikes

Download Last day of Earth: Survival for free

This game available on Google play store for free download. If you have Google Play Store click here to download. Don’t worry if you are unable to download this game via Google Play Store. You can use below mention method to download this game. In order to download and install this game you may require alternative app store to play store. We are using another app store to receive future updates to this game. If not you will be stuck to one version of this game.

First download and install AC Market. Open AC Market and click on search icon available at the top of the screen.

AC market Search

Now type “last day” and press enter or search icon. Select the game from search results.

Now click on download button to begin download.

Click on “Free Download” button.

AC Market Free Download

Free download include ads and waiting time. Close it once ads is over. Then you download will start.

In accordance with the stated details the last day on earth survival is the best action and thrilling game. Surely the players would get an amazing experience. If you played this game once, surely you would get addicted to it. If you haven’t tried it until now, this is the perfect time for it.


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