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Samsung Galaxy Store

Name:Galaxy Store
Size:20 MB
Last updated:June 02, 2020
Requirement:Android 4.1 and up

Click below download link to download latest version of Galaxy Store APK for free.

As the Google Play Store, this is also an app store. Also, it is most commonly designed for the devices with Samsung electronics. You know the device with Samsung devices. Some of them are Samsung smartphones and Samsung gear. The above Samsung galaxy store initially released on the 14th of September 2009. Now, this Samsung Galaxy store is widely spread. The amount is about 125 countries. Not only for the Samsung devices but also it is supported for the devices with other platforms. Some of these platforms are Tizen, Android, Bada, and Windows devices. When updating your device you will be notified by the Samsung push devices. 

One billions of users

Now the Samsung galaxy store is pre-installed for several devices like Samsung smartphones. The pre-installed devices are about one billion. Now we will see which help we can get from this above Samsung galaxy store. Here you can take most of the useful applications for your mobile. So that means you can find apps for controlling and managing devices. Also, they protect privacy and apps for protecting the device with harmful effects. 

My galaxy store

You can make your phone’s or the device screen beautiful. You can download a theme from this store. That is with various wallpapers and the fonts. You can change the existing font style. Also, you will receive the updated daily news from the edge panel. Plus you can find the newest stickers. 

Samsung edge phones 

But the edge apps are contained in the edge panel in the edge phones like Samsung s series and note series smartphones. Also, the contents can vary with the countries. And it can be different from the OS in the device. As an example, Samsung tv has its own Samsung app store and the smartphone has its own Samsung app store.

The next important device is the galaxy watch. You can change the watch look of the galaxy watch to another one. That means you can turn it into a fashionable device. Also, you would like it. Because from the Samsung galaxy store you would be able to change the galaxy watch into a gaming device. 

You can find the offers that are exclusively present in the galaxy store. Most of them are limited only to Samsung device users. Because most of the gaming offers and other benefits allocated for the Samsung users. If you are a Samsung device user this is the most suitable app store. You will find more benefits out of there.

Galaxy store wearables


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  1. Suits well for me. Thank you

  2. Love this app store and gives a superb experience.

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    Jake Tyler

    Awesome app store. Does it work on Huawei phones

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