Name:Blackmart Alpha
Size:7.2 MB
Category:App Market
Requirement:Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated:June 02, 2020

Blackmart is currently offline. We highly recommend you to use AC Market instead of Blackmart Alapha. This app no longer works. May work in future. Who knows. Meanwhile you can use one of the best alternative to Blackmart alpha is AC Market.

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This is an application that allows you to download apps for free. That seems ridiculous. From this app, you would be able to download paid apps free of charge. So the above alpha app is the perfect solution for you. The following are some applications that you could download by here. For example Spotify premium, WhatsApp plus. Also, you don’t need to expend your money for the subscription charges too. The Blackmart app performed its best for the performance of the Blackmart app. 

Low size and more compatibility

The users told me this app is very simple. So that means it can be used very easily. As for the usage, downloading this app is not a difficult task either. There is no need to tell you the name of that app. It is BlackMart Alpha. APK is the file type. The size of this file app is 5.9 MB. Also, this is accessible with the android Devices with 2.3+ version. Even you don’t need to pay for downloading Blackmart too. It is totally free. 

Then we will see more features here. As you know this is a small-sized app which can download easily. There are updates of the above app daily. The main advantage is the downloading of paid apps through here. Also here you can catch a wide variety of useful apps. Do you believe?? There are about one million apps in the library. Mainly you would be able to find two categories of the Blackmart app. The second category is the premium version of the above app. You will get permissions to access the cracked versions of the apps in the premium version of the Blackmart.

Blackmart premium

There is one thing that you should consider too. You can’t find this app in the Google Play Store because Blackmart is an unofficial app store. Therefore you can download the latest app from Blackmart. That has to be done without updating that. Later you can do it. Follow the following steps for the download. 

You can download this file at the beginning. Then you have to move to the security folder in the android settings. Then you have to turn on the unknown folders in here. Then after that install the above-downloaded app. 

Blackmart alpha is updated now. It has fixed all the bugs with the help of the Blackmart downloader. Also, you can find some recommended app categories too. If you have tried this earlier no matter what it. If you didn’t do it yet this is a perfect time.


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  1. Kathie Heygood Avatar
    Kathie Heygood

    thanks for the nice description. gain lot

  2. Stewe Loson Avatar
    Stewe Loson

    premium version is better than the other

  3. Sad to see leave. Blackmart doesnot work at all. Hope new developer will take over.

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