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QuickEdit – Edit Text and Programming Files

Easily edit text, codes and other documents like on Windows, MAC using your Android phone or tablet. Easily edit codes on your web application like php, html, mysql and more. Can be used as standard text editor to edit plain text files easily. Optimized to work smoothly when editing large files. Most common issue found on many text editors on play store. QuickEdit has many performance optimizations to handle all those heavy situations.

Best Android Note Editor

Have you ever needed the most user friendly text editor and note making app? Tired and sick of not finding the most appropriate and convenient text editing app? Rhythm Software has introduced most fast and stable text editing app called QuickEdit. It is a full featured text editor brought to you for absolutely free on the android store.

QuickEdit Text editor is optimised to be used conveniently on both smartphone and also tablet. It can be the best text editing app you are looking for. Need a standard text editor for all your plain text files? Or even a code editor for all your long and hectic programming files? QuickEdit has got you covered.

This beginner-friendly app allows you to edit texts for regular usage or even on a professional level. The app also comprises of a range of exciting features that will sure enhance user experience at a great level.

From daily notes to programming files editor

The enhanced notepad available on the app makes note making super easy and fun! You can now use the app to make your grocery lists, memos, writing and many other fancy writings on the notepad itself.

The code editor on the app comprises of more than 50 programming languages such as C++, C#, Java and many more. So, you can be working on any kind of software. This editor can assist you better than any of the Android programming editor out there.

The best part about the app is that it has no lags whatsoever and provides you with a high performance of even more than 10,000 lines! You can conveniently use the app undoing, redoing changes as you please and even work with different line numbers and indentations.

The app also allows exclusive ability to search and replace words, directly target specific line numbers, input hex color values, and also try out different fonts and sizes of your preference. You could also be working on these files for long hours, so the dark mode available on the app will sure help relieve your eyes from all long screen hours!

QuickEdit Text Editor, as the name suggests, is super-fast and reliable and will ensure the best experience for all its users. It is also super flexible and provides the ability to edit all system files that are on rooted devices and also provides easy access to GitHub and GitLab.

What more can you ask for from one single text editing app? QuickEdit Text Editor will provide the best text editing experience for all your text files and programming files. So, get rid of all the stress and hassle and let the app be at your service! Hurry, and don’t miss out on any of the amazing features the app offers.

Download QuickEdit for Android

You can easily download and install on any Android phone using AC Market. For that you have to install AC Market Android app store on your phone. Click here to download AC Market. Use search on AC Market and find this application to free install. Simple as using play store on your Android.


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