HiPER Scientific Calculator

HiPER – Android Scientific Calculator

Best free scientific calculator for Android. Support all Android phones and tablets and can adopt to different screen sizes show more buttons. You will be able perform all the calculations you done using scientific calculator using your Android phone. No need to buy or bring separate calculator when your have a phone. HiPER scientific Calculator for Android available for free download on AC Market, Play Store and Aptoide.

Mathematical Calculations

Math is considered a powerful tool for understanding and communication globally. Not only does it help us in our work life, but it also makes an impact on our daily chores. Shopping at the best price, negotiating, figuring out distance, time when travelling, understanding sports statistics, preparing food and what not. Many of these simple chores require the basic knowledge of math and calculations.

However, with the development of technology, calculators have come into play and made life a lot easier than in the past. Now calculators are available on mobile phones. So we don’t even have to bother about carrying one around with us. HiPER Development Studio has brought to you one of the most exemplary scientific calculator. It has more than 25 million downloads and a range of amazing features that will ensure to blow your mind! The calculator is so advanced and comprises of many features that will make all your calculations super easy and understandable for you.

HiPER Scientific Calculator APK

This Android calculator app has interfaces to suit your deice. Pocket layout for all your small devices, compact layout for your smartphones and also expanded layout for your tablets. This way, you can easily suit your calculator on your device.

It also includes a multiline display to demonstrate the history of your calculations with previous results so you can easily keep track of them! The app helps all kinds of advanced and complicated calculations to be solved in just a few minutes at the comfort of your own hands.

It also offers a wide range of functions to choose from. Arithmetic operations, Fractions, Mixed numbers, Equations, and many more can be easily operated unlike any other calculator app you have had! And that’s just not it. The app also comprises of graphs of functions and integral area including 3D graphs. This way, you can easily interpret all your calculations and solve those integrations just by  a couple of taps on your screen!

It also makes learning more fun and exciting by providing you with enhanced knowledge on all your calculations. Conversions between rectangular and polar coordinates, advanced number operations and also multiple number systems are available on the app.

All of these exemplary features are offered to you for just absolutely free! You can make studying easier, convenient, and so much fun with HiPER Scientific Calculator at the comfort of your own palms. The interface and layout of the app makes calculations complex-free and beginner-friendly for all its users.

Not all of us find calculations easy, but with the app, you can assure to solve all of those complex calculations at ease! So, hurry go ahead and get your hands on this amazing scientific calculator app that is indeed going to make your life easy, and studying super fun and convenient!