Pocket Mine 3

Pocket Mine 3 – Mining Adventure Game

Gaming apps are now invading our android mobiles offering excitement and entertainments right there at our finger tips. There are various types of gaming apps you can choose for your android including action, puzzle, RPG, sports, adventure and many more. The app Pocket Mine 3, we are going to discuss here is a adventure filled gaming app that you can have on your androids.

What is Pocket Mine 3?

Pocket Mine 3 is really an exciting and a thrilling game. It is full of adventures and strategies. Here you are allowed to mine the underneath world full of many artifacts, treasures, minerals and so on. this let you explore different locations on the deep of the world.

The app offers three gaming modes. They are:

  • Adventure Mode: Mine for various treasures.
  • Creative Mode: Use unlimited resources to build anything you want.
  • Survival Mode: Find resources and build a survivable house for you.
  • Multiplayer Mode: play with your friends, family or with the other players around the globe.

Features of Pocket Mine 3

Mine the mysterious underground

In here all you have to do is to dig deeper and find the underground treasures and hidden secrets. The game will take you to different mysterious locations gradually. You can explore different types of environments when you proceed your mining.

Customize your character

Pocket Mine 3 offers plenty of options to customize your character the way you want. Choose the best avatar and the best outfit to be a mining hero.

Upgrade your equipment

The app let you upgrade your digging and mining equipment to powerful ones as you proceed through the mining. This let you show high performance in digging the underground world. You can explore rare treasures and also you can explore deeper levels thanks to this upgraded equipment.

Exciting gaming levels

The game Pocket Mine 3 comprises of many exciting gaming levels. Each level has its own challenges, wars and obstacles to meet. It’s guaranteed that you will never get bored when you are proceeding through the game.

Find treasures

While digging you can collect the hidden treasures, relics, gems and mineral ores. You can use these treasures to upgrade your equipment and also your skills.

Daily quests

The app comprises many daily challenges and quests allowing the players to have a new level of excitement each day.

Stunning graphics and sounds

The attractive graphics and the music make the players get more addicted to this nice and fun filled game.

Pocket Mine 3 apk

The game Pocket Mine 3 is free to play. You can easily download Pocket Mine 3 on your Android with your favorite Android app store. You can use play store, Aptoide, AC Market or Happymod app store to install this game for free.. So, download it now and feel the excitement of underground mining. Have a wonderful journey along the adventurous world beneath us.


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    Sheila Dyer

    This is a mobile game that is cute. I”ll keep this for longer time

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