Fishing and Life

Fishing and Life – Relaxing fishing Game for Android

Mobile gaming is now becoming very handy tool to have on your Androids. When you feel lonely or when you are bored gaming apps comes to your aid. There are various types of games of have on your Android ranging from Action, RPG, Adventures, Puzzles, Relaxing and many more. If you are tired and bored from every day hassles and bustles the game Fishing and Life comes to acts. This is a best mind relaxing game you can have right at your fingertips.

What is Fishing and Life?

Fishing and Life is an Android mobile gaming app developed solely for your mind relaxation. This brings the real calmness and quietness of fishing right in to you withing few seconds. When you need a relaxation just open the app Fishing and Life and play. Be the person who explore the calm and quietness of the nature and the flowing water while catching fishes.

Features of Fishing and Life

Relaxing fishing

Take your shabby boat and the fishing rod with you and ride the boat anywhere you wish.  Cast your rod in to the water and wait patiently for your fish. This is very calming and a relaxing activity indeed. You can catch scary fishes, beautiful fishes and also big whales very simply.

Beautiful locations

Apart from fishing you can ride your boat to loving places to make your mind relaxes more and more. Ride your boat from quiet sea nature to busting fishing town to explore more. Enjoy the sunset while fishing or wait for the moonlight.

Enjoy the sound of waves

Everything related with this game is very soothing. Addition to relaxed fishing and the sceneries the sounds of the nature or the sea is very calming. I am positive that you would like to spend hours and hours by listening to this smooth wave sounds of the sea.

Upgrade your fishing gears

As you procced though the game it provides opportunity to upgrade your fishing equipment. This makes it very easy to catch some big and rare fishes.

Collect vast collection of fish

The Fishing and Life encourages you to catch different types of fish. If you like you can collect them in your aquarium and just watch their nice and relaxing behaviours.

Simple and easy controls

Playing this game is very easy and simple due to its minimalistic and intuitive interface. You can easily upgrade your levels due to this nature embedded there in the app Fishing and Life. Explore different levels of the app and complete all your quests very easily and comfortably.

Download Fishing and Life Game

Fishing and Life apk

Hence, if you are interested and if you want to enjoy a relaxing game then you must try this wonderful gaming app Fishing and Life. Download now and relish its all cool features.

You can easily download and install this game using any popular Android app stores like Aptoide, Play Store, Amazon App Store, AC Market or Happymod. Using a app store to install games or sideload will help you to get latest version and future updates without any issues.


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  1. Beginner levels are fun relaxing. More you into this game it is not.

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