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Are you dealing with documents? The I am certain that you definitely have to deal with some scanning processes. In this digital era everything is simple and easy. This is similar for this scanning process also. There are hundreds of apps developed for your android mobile for each and every scanning needs. One such handy app to talk about is Genius Scan Enterprise. Today we are going to discuss about this cool app through this article.

What is Genius Scan Enterprise?

Genius Scan Enterprise is simply a document scanning and a managing app. it is for you all. You can scan what ever you want using this smart tool. Scan your bills, photos and any other document you want. This allows you to convert your scanned documents to pdfs and also let you manage them nicely and orderly editing the way you want. 

Features of Genius Scan Enterprise

Take everywhere with you

This is a very simple tool that you can have with you everywhere you go and this comes to act anytime you want. No need to have complex and bulky scanners anymore. Just download this Genius Scan Enterprise on your mobile or tab and take with you. I am sure you will not be going to forget this valuable scanner as it is right there in your pocket.

Smart scanning

The Genius Scan Enterprise’s smart scanning helps you:

  • To scan the needed document by removing the unwanted background and any shadows. This feature let you remove any unwanted things from your document making it simple and cleaner.
  • To do the distortion corrections.
  • To scan your document in to an image or a PDF.
  • To do batch scanning. If you are an owner of a small enterprise, I am sure you will love this feature a lot. Scan all your pages within few seconds and create a wonderful PDF document.

Create and edit PDFs

  • With this tool creating and editing PDFs is a matter of seconds.
  • You can combine many documents to create a one document.
  • Also, you can scan split the documents and create several PDFs.

Organize your files

With the help of Genius Scan Enterprise, you can organize your files in to different folders making it very easy to handle the documents.

Cloud storage

As you can store all your scanned document in your cloud storage services you can have access to your documents from anywhere you want at any time.

Secure all your data

As this app is protected by a password you can rest assured that all your valuable files are protected and safe.

Recognize texts

Here are some of the other wonderful features related with this app Genius Scan Enterprise. The app can easily find and extract specific texts from your document. And also, you can create searchable documents. Moreover, this let you scan business cards and directly add them to your contacts.

Genius Scan Enterprise apk

If you are an entrepreneur or a student it is the best app you can have on your Android. Download Genius Scan Enterprise now using Play Store, AC Market or Happymod and enjoy it’s all benefits and make your scanning process a very easy and a simple one.


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