Is AC Market Safe ?

AC Market is one the best Android app market place available. Many want to know that apps and games downloaded from AC Market are completely safe or not. AC Market always check for safety of Android apps and games available for users through their app store. There are many situations even apps downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App store are not safe. The app AC Market is completely safe to use. There is problem when it comes to apps served via AC Market. You may receive AC Market is not safe like notifications on your Android phone. It is because Android system does not allowed to have another App store. That’s why it push notifications to uninstall it.

AC Market

Does apps downloaded from Google play store safe ?. Many answer that question as “yes” but people who know about this tech world will say “NO”. There are several reasons for that. You may have heard about many news articles about removing and banning Android apps and games from play store. Reasons for removing many of those apps and games due to policy violations and safety issues. At the time of banning or removal some apps exceeded 1 million downloads. So considering those cases do we can say Play Store is safe ?.

Just like that we can’t say AC Market is 100% safe. It is due to app stores contain millions of Android apps and games. Every day new apps get added. Most importantly app and games receive constant updates to make their app is secured and protected. There are situations that app update cause security breach. Just like that no one cannot guarantee about safety.

AC market will always take actions to make sure apps and games downloaded using this app market are safe just like play store.

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    • Could you please point out there it exactly say “it cannot have more than one app store”?. It says does not allowed. However you can installed it by enabling permissions and other tweaks.

  1. Simple and great explanation. But I need more justification. Like who made those mod versions on AC Market ?. Does it solely create by you or users around the world.


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