This is a developed camera app that specially designed for android. Also this is known as one of the best free camera app. This is the production of Ting studio. The camera app provides you with the capturing of images with high quality. The facts of the HD Camera app couldn’t be the same as the features in another app. I mean the features of the above application are unique. Therefore you will get photos and bodies with a nice capture. We would be able to capture photos and videos during today’s usage. Also, you can use it, 

Best professional Camera App 

HD Camera Android

Not only for the day today, but also it can be used for professional photography. Especially that can be performed by android devices. You can make your photos and bodies look more professional. For converting such photos to look cool by adjusting the settings of the camera. Then you can make the photos look professional by editing too. 

Then I would like to tell you the special features of the HD Camera APK. But before that there are three main camera modes in the above app. They are as follows. 

  • Camera 
  • Video recorder 
  • Panorama 

Then we will see significant features in the camera app. 

  • The camera app has the intelligent feature of face detection 
  • High definition rendering – can improve the quality of pictures in low light situations 
  • Presence of the quick snap – this allows for the shooting and the filming. 
  • The camera app is supportive for the color effects and the focus modes. 
  • Multiple settings of the white settings. 
  • The good quality of the video quality and the resolution 
  • Can shoot the smart Panoramas. 
  • Can capture widescreen images 
  • Allow to take the HD videos 

Those above are the qualities in the camera app. But those are hidden. So you have to find the hidden features. From where can you find all these features?. Those are in the settings. You have to adjust the features by it. 

Then we will move back to our topic. The features of the HD Camera APK. 

Features of HD Camera APK 

Enhancing of the images 
This feature is helpful when you are not satisfied with the original photo. There are basic edits that can be applied for the photos. Some of these basic edits are the crop, accessing the size and the brightness of the photo. If you want, there are templates for the photos. Also, there is a photo collage. 

Friendly for the beginners
You don’t want to think much about the unfamiliarity of the app. It is easy to practice. There are filters in the app that is very easy to edit. With every android device the HD Camera app works nicely. So that is a user-friendly app. 

Advanced camera app 
As I told above this camera app can be used for professional work too. That means your photos can be made more perfect. 

Best selfie camera 
That is by the HD Camera Pro. The selfie camera is too perfect. That is even a professional shooting tool. 

All those are the special features about the HD Camera APK. 

FAQs of HD Camera APK 

Can I download the above app?
Yes you can download it.

What is the size of the HD camera?
The app is 7MB now.

Download HD Camera APK

You can download this app directly from Google Play Store. If you have Google play store on your device click below link from that device to directly download this camera app.

If you does not have Google Play Store you can use AC Market to download this app. Go to AC market search and type “HD Camera”. From the result shows below the typing area select the correct app. Check below image for better undestanding.

HD Camera APK AC market search

Enjoy best camera app apk for Android.


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  1. Haz Grainer Avatar
    Haz Grainer

    Cool app really😄. But I think it is better to develop some features in the filters.

  2. Nichel Tuk Avatar
    Nichel Tuk

    perform well with a high quality. No doubt

  3. Good camera app.

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