Boris and the dark survival APK

Boris and the Dark Survival APK

Name:Boris & the Dark Survival
Offered By: Joey Drew Studios
Size:144 MB
Requirement:Android 4.4 and up

We can  categorized the above game as survival horror game. The developer of this game is kindly beast. On the 10th of February 2020 the game was released. Also you have to know this is a standalone game. Many people know about this game because most of them are players of the game. That has assigned for the PC platform and Google for the franchise ‘s third anniversary. 

The app consist map for Boris and the Dark Survival that is generating a changing map. Also similar as the others,there are certain mechanism that unique for this. 

Average size Boris and the Dark Survival Android game is around 150 MB. Downloading and installation make is suitable for many Android gamers out there. Because now a days many Android games are over 1 GB and require enormous amount of storage space from your phone. The awesome game is from Joey Drew Studios. 

Boris and the dark survival Android game play

Mechanics of the Boris and the Dark Survival 

Level generation 
Randomly generated levels are present in this game. Plus there are ink machines produced in the same way.  

Those are multiple ways of storing data. Also it can store encrypted data. That is as binary files. That is a proper file. Even the stored files can be edited successfully. Don’t be amazed. But all those able to be done without any software. 

Boris stamina
Boris stamina is decreasing while Boris is running. 

To install the above Boris and the Dark Survival there have to be some requirements in your device. Without them it is unable to download and install the game. 

FAQs of Boris and the Dark Survival 

Could we find Boris and the Dark Survival on the Google play store? 
Yes, we can find it on that. 

What is the size of the game?
That is approximately about 150 Mb sized. 

Do my phone compatible to play this game?
Every android device with android 4.4 or higher can play this game.

Can my child play this game?
Yes. We can recommend this game for every child for more than 12 years old.

User’s opinions of this game  

Most of the players don’t like this game at the beginning. Also they are loving this game after the wolf trail update. For most of them at the beginning, Boris and the Dark Survival is a difficult game to play. But they have practiced to play it. Now they love it very much. Also this is a game that is difficult to play on the smartphone. If you play it on a tablet it would be a great opinion.

Download Boris and the Dark Survival Game APK

You can download latest version of Boris and the Dark Survival game from Google Play Store for free. Click below link to download via Google Play Store.

You can download this game from the Google play store from above link. New version of Boris and the Dark Survival have new features. But this is not a free game. Now you can buy it for $0.99 from the Google play store.

If you have AC Market installed on your Android device just search “Boris” this game name and download it for free.


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  1. Great game. Loves its secrets.

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    Calvin Macmado

    awesome game,

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    Thanks for free download

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