AC Market 4.8.2

AC Market 4.8.2

Another quick version released after 4.8.1. This is due to some minor bug causing issues. This version released within a very short period of time after releasing 4.8.1. There is no change between version 4.8.1 and 4.8.2. Both versions have same release note.

AC Market 4.8.2 Update:

  1. Topic function online
  2. Communicate friends all over the world
  3. Free download requires your support
  4. Many minor bugs have been solved.

AC Market 4.8.2

AC Market always keep their apps and games up to date. Keep adding many mods and ads free version of those awesome apps and games for free. New interface changes and bug fixing updates insures the user friendliness and security. Many app market places out there does not keep provide such continues updates to ensure integrity and security.

Now AC Market is like a community. That make is easier to get ideas about cracked and mod games and apps. Because you can know ideas about people who actually use those apps before downloading.

Click here to download latest version of AC Market 4.8.2 for free.


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