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Competition between app stores are very high. Happymod is one of the oldest and popular Android app store that is available for free. Support all most all Android phones and tablets. Therefore no need to worry about compatibility. It is a must to have third-party app store apart from default one. Because play store app on most Android phones has limitations. Using a app store like this is the best way to overcome those limitations.

Some times long used apps and games may suddenly disappear from play store. It is not easy to find those apps on internet and update them. Most of you does not know how to download and install apk files and some does not like to waste time searching and installing apk files. Best solution is Happymod apk.

You can find all Android apps and games in and not in play store for free. No need to search whole internet for latest version your favorite app. Just use this app store.

Features of Happymod App Store

This is a free Android app store where you can install apps and games soon after installing on your phone. No need to create account or pay for subscriptions to use its services.

Apps and games are nicely categories to make it simple to use. You can browse desired category to discover new apps you want. Apps on each category is nicely arranged instead of showing long list of available apps on each category. For example game category has recommended section, quick games and other related categories.

This app store is most popular for PVP games. Most people like to play PVP games. Therefore there is a PVP category on main navigation for PVP games. If you are PVP games lover this app store is for you.

Unlike many other app stores, Happymod app store provide fast app downloads. That make it easier to quickly download and install large games. No need wait longer with slow download speeds.

User reviews and comments are shown below each app. You can use those comment to get an idea about the app or game you are going to install. No need to search internet for app reviews.

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This is freely available for all Android phones. You can download and install this app directly from below download link.

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