There are many alternatives to replace Play Store application of your Android phone. Selecting a best Android app store is hard. Because it should contain new, free and interesting apps and games than play store. If not it is not worthy enough to replace your default app store. AC Market is considered to be the best choice as a play store alternative.

There are many reasons that AC Market to be popular among Android users. Most important one is it is free. Offering mod apps and mod games are the next big option to become popular than other rivals. Default app stores like Amazon App store, Galaxy store and play store force limitations on apps and games. Some include geographical restrictions, age limitation, device limitation and more. AC Market offer all the apps and games for everyone without any limitation.

About AC Market Apk

At first AC Market interface and functions are similar to play store therefore it was considered to be the best option to replace play store. People who came from play store find it easy to use due to those similarities. Later AC Market apk made its identity with new interface, new apps and features.

You can use apps on this app store soon after installation. No need to setup accounts or subscriptions. You can install apps on this app store without a account. Most popular and trending mod games will be greeted on the home screen of this app store. All the apps are nicely categories in to sections as Mods, Games, Apps and Books. Each section has its own categorization to made app discovery easy as posible.

You will see user reviews, app ratings, download size, version and other required details on app download page. Those are must have features for well developed app store. You can go through those details before downloading any game or app.

Most people used these types of app stores to download apk files. AC Market offers future updates for every application you installed using this app store. No need to download apk files and install when there is a new version. All the available updates are separately displayed.

All your downloads are separately shown. You can pause, delete or continue downloading apps and games. This make it easy to pause downloads when there is not WiFi or to have full internet speed without sharing with app downloads.

Download AC Market apk

AC Market apk is less than 40 MB in size. Does not require lots of phone storage and performance. You will never notice or does not consider removing this app store when there is not enough storage for photos and videos. Click below download link to install.

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