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Is there any Android app store that is dedicated for mods. Happymod is the only largest and trusted app store full of Android mod apps and games for free. Many popular apps you want are not in play store. No need to search all over the internet for apps you want to install. Download Happymod apk and install to enjoy thousands of free apps and games.

No registration or login required. Install and start to use. All the available apps and games available for free download. No payment or subscription required. Support all most all Android phones including Samsung, Mi, Huawei, LG, OnePlus, Nothing phones, Pixel and more.

Features of Happymod Apk

Powerful search engine to find apps you are looking for. Always greeted with relevant and matched content for your search. That make it easier to find any app or game you want quickly and easily.

Home screen has 5 sections as PVP Games, Mods, Game, App and categories. Each section has relevant apps and games. You can use those sections to discover new apps. Category section has all the app categories like Arcade, Action, Sports, Racing, Puzzle, Word, etc. You can visit category section to browse apps specifically belong to that category.

Mods may not work smoothly or 100% on all devices. It is hard to decide whether app work on not. Happymod App store provide working percentage based on user votes. Show important details like Mod version, amount of mods, ratings, App or game size, downloads. You can refer those details before trying any mod.

You can read user reviews like on play store. Many users publish their opinions, questions, issues and etc. on app install page. You can read those reviews to get an idea about the app or game before installing.

All downloads and still downloading apps and games are shown separately. You can track downloaded apps or paused downloads.

Unlike many app store, Happymod apk provide extra settings like changing download folder, automatic installation, night mode and etc. You can try those settings on settings section.

Happymod Apk Download for free

This is a free Android app store popular for downloading mod apps and mod games. You can download Happymod apk using below download link.

Download Now.

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