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Grid Post – Create Photo Grid for Instagram posts

Make your Instagram account more attractive and increase your followers with these cools tricks. Instead of uploading a single photo to Instagram split that photo into cool grid. Upload those square pics to Instagram make nice cool looking photo grid. Grid post app for Android make splitting your large rectangular photo in to a grid easier than ever.

When you scroll through Insta app, you will see nice split photos that merge in to one. Easily create those Instagram Split photos with Grid Post. No need to calculate dimensions to split your photo. App does all the things for you to create nice photo grid.

Popularity of Social Media

Social media in the 21st century has turned out to be one of the most used and popular platforms in the world. More than 60% of the world population have been surveyed to be on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.

Ever wondered why social media is so popular amongst people? The nature of humankind tends to crave for interaction and connections with people. And social media lets you connect with different communities, types of people that you have never met in person.

Social media also helps brands to great opportunities for sharing and gaining a number of loyal followers with rewards and special incentives. Among these platforms, Instagram has evolved greatly and rapidly due to its special feature of sharing and making our normal photos much more intriguing and manipulating.

More than around 1 billion users around the globe have loved Instagram and this is why AppX Studio has introduced the all new ‘Grid Post’ app to enhance your social media experience on Instagram.

Create Grid Photos for Instagram

The app allows its users to create fabulous grid posts by splitting rectangular pictures into a several square photos and upload them straight onto Instagram. This is undoubtedly going to blow the mind of anyone who visits your feed on Instagram.

The app comprises of five designs in multiple sizes of 3×5, 3×4, 3×3, 3×2 and 3×1 to suit your photos. This way, the collages you create are going to be unique and also make an extremely positive impression on your Instagram feed.

You can also choose how you want to design your overlay with a range of multiple colors and grid styles offered by the app. Grid post also offers the feature, Panorama crop that helps you create beautiful and unique swipeable posts for Instagram. All you have to do is, select any one of your amazing pictures from the gallery and select the number of squares you want it to be in, and voila! Ready to be upload.

The app comprises of a wide range of stunning filters and creative overlays for all your photos, and you could also add some text to make that post more chic and sassy! So, be it a birthday, or anniversary, or a special occasion, or even just a post of yourself, Grid post will come up with the most eye candy photo grid. So, go ahead and make the most out of all the fancy features grid post has to offer, and make your Instagram feed look awesome as never before.

Make your feed look professional, unique, fun, and exciting all at the same time and gain more followers on Instagram. So, hurry and don’t miss out on having the most unique and sassy Instagram feed that’ll blow your mind.

Download Grid Post APK

This is a free application. You can easily download and install this app on any Android phone using AC Market. AC Market offers all most all Android apps and games. You will find ad-free version of a Android app or game for free.

  1. First download and install AC Market.
  2. Go to search bar and type “photo grid”.
  3. You will see this app appear on search results.
  4. Select it.
  5. Click on “Free Download” button to install.
  6. That’s all.


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  1. Breann Biccum Avatar
    Breann Biccum

    Save and refine your favorite collages effortlessly with Smart Tools 2. Enjoy the freedom to save before choosing tiles and posting, maximizing your creative process.

  2. Wow nice and clean grid styles. Hope this trick helps to increase my followers. However my current followers like it.

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