Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager

Best Android task manager application with auto task killer feature. No need to manually close annoying tasks each time to boost speed. For smooth and fast device install Advance Task manager application.

This application will list all running tasks like Task Manger on windows. It helps to decide which tasks to kill and which tasks cause most of the trouble. If you thing task management to keep phone speed is hard. Let this app to handle all those things.

Importance of Smooth and Fast Device

Did you know that up to at least 84% people surveyed that they cannot go a day without their mobile phones? How crazy does this sound, giving the fact that a human can survive up to about few weeks without food and a few days without water, but not a day without a mobile?

This is due to the mobile phone being a vital tool in everyone’s lives. Technology has developed so much that our phones could do almost anything we want it to. Be it playing games, or studying, or working, or banking, or shopping, our mobile phone has an app for all of this.

Now imagine, an extremely slow and laggy phone to do all these tasks? How frustrating isn’t it? This is why our mobile phones, and all smart devices need to be up and running in good condition in order to achieve all tasks due to make our life easier and less stressful.

Smart phones speed up your daily life and therefore, it is vital that your smart phone is in good hands. INFOLIFE LLC has introduced the all new Advanced Task Manager app available for all android users on the android store to speed up your life with a speedy, phone as good as new!

Why we need Task Manager for Android?

Why do we really need a task manager? If you need to know some of that dirty work going behind the scenes on your android devices, task manager is the best option. It kills off the tasks that hog up unnecessary CPU time or memory or even bugs that stuff your phone.

You would be amazed on how the app is able to kill off unnecessary tasks this easily and thereby speed up your phone and also save your battery life and provide you with a long lasting one. So, you no longer have to worry about your phone lagging or running out of battery just when you were about to do some really important tasks on your device. Because Advanced Task Manager has got you and all your android devices covered.

The app kills all selected tasks by using the ‘force stop’ feature and also optimizes your phone for an optimal usage. It also lets you analyze your battery usage, so you know which apps drain your battery power more. The app not only manages your apps, but it also functions as a Memory and RAM booster that provides you more free storage by removing all unnecessary apps and files that take up your memory. This way, you can focus only on the important files!

The app indeed will make your device function as good as new, saving up memory, battery life and optimization, while making your life better.

Download Advance Task Manager

This is a free task management application that is available for all Android phones. In order to install this application, you have to use app store. Install apk files directly from internet is not safe and does not provide automatic updates for your application. It is always better to choose app store like AC Market. Click here to download latest version of AC Market.


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    Joni Moncier

    Finest app in its category task managers and I’ve tested numerous alternative.

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