Bloons TD 6 APK

Bloons TD 6 APK

Size:73 MB
Ratings:4.7 / 5.0
requirements:Android 5.0 and up
Offered By:Ninja Kiwi
Bloons TD 6 game play

If you are a mobile game player you have known this game. One of the best downloading strategy game is Bloons TD 6 APK. Not only mobile game players but also Flash game players. Could you remember that Bloons tower defense?? Tell me do you know that is the thing that we are here for the discussion. Yes, you may know. The Bloons tower defense is now known as Bloons TD. That is the most famous game that everyone likes. There are various strategies for the game too. 

The ninja kiwi is the developer of the Bloons TD. 16.2 is the latest version of the Bloons TD 6. You don’t want to pay for downloading this app. That means the game is totally free. Bloons TD is a 58M sized game. I told the developer of the ninja kiwi. So it has all the permissions to make the game different. They have added new features to the game. Those new materials are as follows, 

  • Additional monkey towers 
  • More balloon types 
  • Crazy weapons
  • More boosters 
Bloons TD 6 Unlock

You can find all these above from the latest version of the Bloons TD. Also now it is upgraded. You feel amazed by this new feature of the game. In the following you will see the most amazing creations that added to the game for its success. 


  1. Features of Bloons TD 6 APK
  2. How to download the Bloons TD 6 APK ?
  3. FAQs of Bloons TD 6?

Features of Bloons TD 6 APK

Towers : Altogether now there are 21 towers. Each of them with 5 upgrades. So you have now many varieties of directions for the game. 

MOAB Balloons : What is meant by the MOAB??? That means the mother of all balloons. Also, there are new purple balloons too. 

Upgrades : You can use upgrades specially for the monkey tree. By using this feature you can unlock the towers and for the upgrades. 

New maps : Altogether there are 36 maps in the game. You can find some 3D objects in there too. Those will put barriers too. With those features the game will come with a new challenge. 

Those are the main features of the Bloons TD. Each tower each map will enter a new interface for the game. Then most of the people asked how to download this game. That is in the following. 

How to download the Bloons TD 6 APK ?

Bloons TD 6 Game available on Google Play Store and other third party Android app stores.

Download via Google Play Store

If you have AC Market installed on your Android phone you can search and download this awesome game for free. For that open latest version of AC market. If not click here to download and install AC Market for free.

FAQs of Bloons TD 6?

How much is that the Bloons TD 6 costs?
You don’t want to pay any amount for the download and the installation. But some other stages within the game can be bought for paying. 

What is the best tower that exists in the Bloons TD 6 APK?
There is no one to call it the best tower. But also there are many towers. Some of them are ninja monkey, glue gunner and monkey sub. 


  • bug fixes and improvements.
  • Added Boss Bloon Events.
  • new Paragon Tier for Dart and Boomerang.
  • Brave the swampy new Intermediate map.
  • New trophy store items like profile banners.
  • Co-op rejoining.
  • New achievements and rewards are added.


5 responses to “Bloons TD 6 APK”

  1. Kaisim Baily Avatar
    Kaisim Baily

    I like new update. New paths, new monkeys, addition of heroes and more.

  2. Best view I have ever seen !

  3. Anton Mark Avatar
    Anton Mark

    Spending the time a lot by playing this super tower defense game.

  4. Ted Joseph Avatar
    Ted Joseph

    I love the games so much. But it drains my battery faster🙄

  5. Shannon dias Avatar
    Shannon dias

    I am fan of this bloons game from the begging. Love TD 5 than TD 6

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