APK is stand for Android Package. APK is a file format created by Google for Android. It is like “exe” for windows. People used to call Android apps as APK apps. By using any app name with “apk” you can find direct link to those apps easily using google search. Specially when you want to download any Android app away from Google play store it is easy to search that app with “apk”. For example “Filelinked apk”.

APK App Store


APK App Stores are third party Android app stores like AC market, Aptoide, APPVN. Those are the main Google play store alternatives to download Android apps and games.

AC Market apk app store has all most all Android apps, games, utilities and many more. It is completely free and no registration or login required. Just download and install.

No restrictions, No region barriers and no download limits. You can download any apk file using AC Market.

Install APK App Store

You can install APK app store or AC market on latest Android phones. Installation process will be differ and hard for beginners. It is because by default Android system does not allow to install any other App store apart from Play Store. Installing apps from internet is different compared to installing app store. Because Android system always tries to remove app stores than other apps from internet ( Apps not from Play Store ).

Click below link to install AC market on your Android phone

Once you install AC Market on your device it is push notifications saying “AC Market is unsafe”. It is because AC market is a APK app store. There you can see thousands of Android apps and games. Other reason is, Android does not like to have another App store. Enjoy AC market APK Store.


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  1. nice app, got a good collection of apps.

  2. Clint Gliford Avatar
    Clint Gliford

    Best app store that has what I wanted. Search of this app need to improve

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