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Weather Forecast Widget for Android

Weather. One of the most important environment factors before planning most of our daily events. When we plan on a picnic, day out or any other especial program we give more priority for the prevailing weather condition of the area. But is there a trusted source of weather information with you. if not, try this amazing app. 1Weather.

What is this 1Weather?

Simply this is a weather pp you can have in your Androids. This can own for free if you are not bothered by the ads. But if you want to experience ad free version then you can go for the paid version.

This app is quite an accurate one giving all the needed information and data about the prevailing weather in any area. If you give the access to acquire your location to the app then sure you can view the accurate weather reading of the area.

The interface of the

Features of the app

  • You can have the preferred widget out of 10+ widgets of this nice app in your Android screen. If you want you can customize these widgets as you wish. Once you look at your screen you will be able to know the weather of your location. No need to worry about the rain, snow, run, storms or many more other weathers phenomenon if you have this app with you. you can get ready with the upcoming events very easily thanks to this app.
  • The interface and the graphics of the app is also very simple but stunning. I love the colorful graphics of the app so much.
  • The app gives the weather readings for upcoming one week of your area very precisely. You can use this app all around the globe without any issue.
  • You also can have alerts on the upcoming weather events. That means if it going to rain then the app sends you an alert in case you forgot it.
  • The weather can be visualized from over 25+radar weather layers.
  • You can acquire all most all the needed weather parameters through the app. Including UV index, Atmospheric pressure, Wind Speed and so on.
  • I think this is one of the important apps we all should have if we want to plan our day today activities nicely. You can download this app very easily. AC Market, Aptoide and Google Play Store like App Stores offer this nice tool.

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