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UC Browser APK for Android

Is your web browser slow when ever you are surfing the internet or watching a video or downloading something? Or is your computer a low-end one? You may find it bit uncomfortable to use web browsers like Google Chrome. Then you may look for some other web browser that suits with your device and a purpose. Here is one of the web browsers that you can use in your all Android devices. That is the browser UC Browser.

UC Browser for Android

The UC Browser is a nice browser that makes all your online activities faster and smoother. You can browse the internet very smoothly with the help of this nice browser. It is also very easy to use.

No need to worry about replacing your Google Chrome with this browser if you have slow connections. Because this browser also resembles some outstanding features of the Google Chrome. The app is very safe to use and it protects your privacy too.

Features of UC Browser APK

If you need to download something then you can be happy about the speed of downloading. The download speed of the browser is considerably higher. If you get any interruption while downloading the browser can start the download process from where it stopped. Also, you can watch the videos while downloading it. No need to wait until it gets completely downloaded.

With some browsers we cannot make videos to run in the background. Sometimes we want only to listen to a video without watching it while using the device for something else. But sadly, some browsers don’t give opportunity for this. but thanks to this cool browser you can make your video run in the background.  You can listen to your favorite video while chatting with your lover in WhatsApp. No more interruptions while watching videos. This is one of the features I love regarding this browser.

This also consumes less data when compared with other browsers. The data compression feature of the browser helps in saving your data. So, without worrying about your data usage you can easily roam through the internet while enjoying limitlessly.

There is a feature of the app that helps you in blocking the annoying ads. I am sure that all most all of you loves this feature. Sometimes while watching some interesting videos you may get interrupt by the ads. Or some times you have to pay for somethings even without your knowledge if we click on some ads accidentally. So, it is a must for a browser to have an ad blocker. You can be happy here as this also contains an ad blocker.

With the incognito mode you can browse the internet without leaving nay trace of your online activities. I am sure you will love this feature too if you are going to use this browser in your Android device.

There are many more other features or services you can relish if you are going to use this in your Android too to have a better browsing experience. Own it and relish all the benefits.

Download UC Browser for Android

You can download this awesome free web browser for any platform including windows, MAC OS, iOS, Android and etc. For Android you can use your default Android app store which is Play Store. Open play store and search this web browser name. You will see that this app appear on search results. If not click below link using your Android device.

Download using play store

There are many Android devices without Play Store. You can use any third party Android app store like AC Market. First download and install latest version of AC Market and then use it to install this web browser. By doing that you will get future updates for free.


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  1. Simple and fastest Android browser. I used this browser on my older Nokia phones. Nice to see this on Android.

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