Do you like to be a beautician? To try your amazing creative ideas? Then friends here is the best platform for you to bring out your creativity. I am very sure that with this nice and cool game you will definitely able to have endless pleasure and joy. The game that helps you for attaining this pleasure is the Toca hair Salon 4. Very simple but a joyful game to have in your Android too.

What this Toca hair Salon 4 is?

Simply this is a nice game which allows you to be a beautician. In here you can try different makeups, hairstyles, costumes. Beard styles and many more other options for a figure you select. The game is free to download.

It is very simple and easy to play game. There are only few games where you can be a beautician in a virtual world. Among these few games I am sure that this game is the best one which can catch your hearts more. The graphics of the game are very cool and I think you will also love these graphics very much. You will definitely get addict to this pleasing game. Styling others in this virtual surrounding is a fun filled activity for certain.

Things inside Toca hair Salon 4

This enjoyable game offers you with many options for you to make your customer more and more beautiful.

There are different stations located inside the game. There are different places to wash your customers hair, to do a haircut, to do a makeup, to dress up the customer with different costumes and oh even there is a place to take snaps also.

When a customer comes to seek your help, you can wash the hair of the customer first, then try on different hair styles crazily until you are done with the best hairstyle. Here you can cut the long hairs in to short hairs also. But nothing to worry there is an amazing cream that grows the hair within few seconds if you are not satisfy with the short hair.

Do makeups and erase them until you find the best match. Dress up the customer with the nice clothing available there in the cloth inventory. Can add accessories like jewelries, shoes, hand bags etc. in a manner you like. The outcome will be a cute and a funky character. Be proud you are the creator!!

Then take a snapshot to save your wonderful creations in your favorite list in a beautiful background which is changeable too.

If you are also playing this game you will also find it as a brilliant fun game. Take a minute from your busy works and try this. sure you will have a super fun and will get addict too.

Download Toca Hair Salon 4 for Android

This app freely available for download on Google Play Store. Just open play store application and search “Toca Hair Salon” and select and click on install.

Download via Play store

If your Android device does not have play service, you can use third party or play store alternatives like AC Market and Aptoide. First download and install latest version of AC Market and then search the app you want like you do in play store.


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