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April Coloring APK

Nowadays, people have been unknowingly familiarized with their busy lifestyle. This has been caused to decrease the peoples’ creativity and their thinking style. Most people use their smart phones in order to entertain themselves by playing video games, watching cartoons, and many more. But the point is that this stuff will never give a person relief; instead, it increases the specific person’s stress. Although this stuff brings you so much stress, I think I have a great solution to use your smart while feeling relaxed.

Do you ever know that drawing and painting release your stress and make you feel relaxed? April Coloring is an app that lets you draw in any way you like. This is the best app if you have no time, but the most favorite thing you love to do is drawing. April Coloring offers you different kinds of drawing sketches which suit from child to adult. Thus, this can be introduced as an advanced and unique coloring application where you can have a realistic painting experience in a coloring book.

Features of April Coloring APK ?

  • It offers you advance coloring functions from pick and drop colors to swiping colors. The swipe Color feature is way more beneficial since it makes your drawing look like a real oil painting drawing. Thus swiping colors is a unique feature that April Coloring offers you. The advantage of this feature is that you don’t miss any place that has not been painted. Even a tiny area will be painted when you use this function to paint the drawing.
  • The user can color the drawing according to their preferred colors; otherwise, they automatically suggest the color it actually suits.
  • Thousands of painting sketches are available, but the free version of this April Coloring application offers you only a limited number of illustrations. By subscribing to its premium subscription, you will be able to select any sketches since, after the subscription, they unlock all the illustrations in the application. Besides, it adds new illustrations daily where you can try all of them and paint on a most suitable sketch.
  • There are many issues when you try to store your physical drawings and sketches. Drawings get damaged, and they won’t last a long time. But by using this application, you will be able to paint, draw and virtually store the paintings in your tab, phone, and your laptop.
  • April Coloring has categorized thousands of illustrations into different levels. When the levels get up, the new features and new paintings unlocks.
  • April Coloring bears an advanced coloring system, which does not negatively affect when you zoom in on a painting’s details. 
  • April Coloring offers you the facility to directly share your finished painting with your friends, family, and loved ones.
  • A special advantage to the iPad and iPhone users is that April Coloring supports the apple pencil (stylus pen), where you can draw and paint the sketches using this pencil.

Download April Coloring

Suppose you are willing to unlock all the sketches. In that case, you are allowed to use the premium version of April Coloring, which is $9 (monthly plan). You get unlimited access to use the exclusive illustrations when you buy a suitable subscription plan. Yet another advantage is that April Coloring is an ad-free application. Besides, you can re-edit the paintings you have completed before and save them as new paintings. Well, I hope you got a detailed description of the application. So, why don’t you click the install button and have a look at it?

You can use Google play store or default app store on your Android phone to install this application. If you are unable to find this application on play store click below linkt.

Download via play store

There many Android phones that does not support play store. For those devices can use AC Market or Aptoide. AC Market is like play store where all the applications and games are free. No need to login or create account to install apps from AC Market.


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    This is the picture coloring app I am looking for.

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