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Sleep Timer for Spotify and Music Player

We all love entertaining ourselves. The more we do for entertainment is listening to music. Many people use their mobile phones to listen to music since they can access millions of songs by using a mobile device. Thus they use both online and offline music streaming apps to listen to good music. Spotify is one of the popular online music streaming apps. So, whenever you listen to a song or songs, there will be a time you feel bored listening. What do you do at that time? Well, you might stop the player all by yourself. What if I say that a timer stops the music you hear when you feel bored or fall asleep automatically? 

The impossibility of turning off music automatically causes many problems, such as it plays nonstop. Your battery drains, battery drains in your Bluetooth earphones if you are connected to them, decreases the device performance, turns the screen on until you wake up, turns off the music, and many more. Besides, if you listen to songs using online music streaming app, you will cost data unknowingly. Thus, the best solution to all these problems is the app called Sleep Timer for Spotify and Music. You will find solutions for all the above mentioned questions by downloading and installing this mobile application. 

Set Sleep Timer on Spotify and Music Player

This app supports both Spotify and offline music players and can automate all the controls using it. You will be able to automatically turn off the music without touching your phone or device screen according to the time period you set.

Moreover, you can customize the settings in order to go to the home screen automatically. You can even set a timer to turn off the screen.

This app allows you to turn off Bluetooth, the wifi automatically and optimize the device battery.

You can set a timer to automatically silent the phone or turn it to the ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ if you are going to sleep or have a rest. Thus, you will be able to get a comfortable sleep during the night time without any bothering calls, texts, or notifications. 

How to use Android Sleep Timer

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After opening the app, the user will be able to open any music player on their device through this Sleep Timer for Spotify and Music Application. Then you can apply the above mentioned automatic controls to every music player you use to play music.

Furthermore, you can customize the settings in order to fade the music when it is going to end automatically. You can do both fades in and fade out using the app controls.

Yet another better feature is that you can expand the set time from the notification panel. So, you don’t need to unlock the phone and access the app to expand the time.

Download Sleep Timer for Spotify and Music Player.

This app freely available on Google Play Store. If you have play store application click on below link using your phone.

Download via Play Store

If you do not have play store or google service on your phone, then try using other Android app stores like AC Market.

Sleep Timer for Spotify and Music is an amazing application that bears a beautiful and attractive user interface. Since it is user friendly, the users can easily work with the app. It supports nine popular languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Italian, Japanese, and Indonesian. Using this application helps you to set a timer to turn off phone activities, especially music. So, why don’t you give it a try and have a better sleep while listening to songs?


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